I hate taking baths now

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Im a 25 year old girl from Stockholm Sweden! So for a start I want to apologize in forhand if my writing its a bit off. This event took place when i was i Believe 13 or 14 years old. We live in a quiet suburb south off Stockholm, sure crime happend but Most drugs. My Brother that is 6years older then me sadly took that bad turn in life and still are after all this years. The was living in our home at that point for some reasons even if he had hes own Palace to live. So we have a two floor apartment with a livingroom, kitchen and a laundry room with a small toilet on the first floor . The second floor was four bedrooms and our bathroom so you can get a understanding how we live. So my Brother lived in the livingroom att this point cuz its was Only a tamporary stay for him.
So this day i may have had a day off from school or it was some break but i was home alone anyway. I was going to meet up whit a friend but i had a lot of time to spare so i wanted to chill and take a relaxing bath. So i looked the front door put on some loud music and jumpt in. I left the bathroom door open cuz i was alone and was supose to be for almost all day. So i lay back and let my head and ears dive under the surfes and close my eyes and just enjoy that moment a little bit but when i opened my eyes i saw a mans face look right at me, a face i never seen in my life so i froze for a moment and sat up in panic and start cover my self up cuz I had developed fairly quickly for my age so didnt want a stranger to se me all naked. Just when i sat myself up he was fast to take up his badge and try to calm me down .
“Hi am a police man, we are here cuz we found some drugs on youre Brother and want to make sure he dont have any more here in the house”
So in our laws Do they have to have a prosecutor decision and even if they would have it, they just get the look of my wife sleeping in which the living room is. But they had nothing of it. I was still i chock and askt him to hand me the towel that was on the toilet. He gave it to me and lookt at me when i stand to cover me whit it.
And ask
“Can i live?”
He sad “no i have to make sure theres no drugs hidden in here ”
“Okey?” I sad still in panic and chock then he just scanned the rooms whit his eyes a bit and just “it seems to look okey in here”
I thouht that was weird but i had no idea then how it supose to be i was a kid and be was an officer and i really did not want to get any problems.
So I tried to let it be as calm and pleasant as possible when I asked “okey, can i close the door and get dressed then?”
he gave me the creep look and sad
“No, i need to make sure you dont have any drugs in youre clothes”
I panic so har felt my stomick drop !
So i turned my back to him and struggled to put on the clothes with the towel that I tried to cover myself with as much as I could.
Then what he sad to me next almost made my cry of panic and fear !
“You do not need the towel, I have already seen everything you have there under anyway”
I just took my jacket and ran to my friend how was my
neighbor like 3min away and cried all the way there!
My parentes reported him but nothing came off it.. And my Brother got to live for bringing the coops to our home. But i saw him one more time after that, maybe 3-4 weeks after on a Mc Donalds eating whit his two sons i supose, our eyes met and i saw a bit shame in them but i looked away and felt sick.
I hope i never se him once more, cuz if i do i will tell him everything the young me was too afraid of..

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That’s so creepy! I wish someone decided to check that creep out instead of leaving it alone.