I don’t know if it was a person

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I live in Australia on a bit of farm land with my family, I’m not exactly sure what I saw that night but I hate going outside in the dark, because I get that feeling when somethings watching you. Me and my older brother let’s call him J, we were in a paddock just doing teenage stuff and I was over one side of the paddock and he was over the other side, I heard something snap branches and I thought it was a fox so I spun around and saw a human figure, it looked to be about 7 or 8 ft tall, the weirdest thing about this man is he got on all fours and started to come my way I turned and ran towards the Ute trying to get into the light because J had the light bar of my Ute facing towards my direction, J said I cleared it within a few seconds and knew something was wrong we both got in the car and took off I was so happy to leave that place I’m scared to go into the dark without my dog or a flash light I’ll never forget what happen that night. I’m not sure if it was a prank or a skinwalker but problem is you don’t get skinwalkers over here.

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This story was as frightening as the ‘format’ you used to tell it. Please, next time, use punctuation! This entire story was not only one long sentence but it jumped around in a way, although understandable enough to get the gist, that took away from the true terror you experienced and this sucks for the reader.

Beyond that I can’t say I’d go out there ever again, regardless of my companion! I couldn’t even began to tell you what it was you saw but based on the stories I’ve been hearing lately, the creatures we know as Wendigos and Rakes are showing up in places they weren’t before. I don’t know about you but I’d just be careful in general going out at night. Others have said these creatures have followed them home; I think they can track by smell. Also keep your animals safe, especially your dogs. There are far too many stories of dogs being left outside, they try protecting themselves and the family and they end up seriously injured or killed.

I wish you luck! Be careful!!