I didn’t believe in monsters

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I never believed in monsters but I always enjoyed reading about them. Even a couple of days before my camping trip I was watching videos on 411 missing people. I guess the unknown and undiscovered really peaks my curiosity. This experience happened to me back in 2015 when my two friends Tony and Ryan and me planned a spur of the moment camping trip. We planned for the following weekend as we each had no plans of our own so it sounded like a good idea. We headed out late on a Friday evening to a spot a few hours from my house through the canyon and into the mountains. This area of Northern Colorado is known for its Bears and Mountain Lions but we were not worried. We were three big guys and two of us were bringing heavy firepower to deter and unwanted visitors.
We checked out a few locations when we neared the area we wanted to camp. A few spots were a bust with a lot of people out for the weekend. Luckily we found a spot more secluded and set up camp. It was supposed to be nice sunny weekend and I had planned on jumping in the nearby lake. Rain clouds began to form in the distance and the weather became cold as night neared. We sat around the fire telling jokes, a few ghost stories, really having a blast despite the weather.
As it approached midnight we called it good and put the fire out. Tony went to his two man tent and I went to the ten man tent that Ryan had set up. Once crawled in my sleeping bag I passed out within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. It must have been three in the morning when I awoke with the urge to urinate. I got up out of my sleeping bag but I found it hard to walk. I was stumbling around like a drunk not being able to find my balance. I kind of found my composure and exited the tent. Once I began to move around in the pitch black my vision began to sharpen a bit. Only it wasn’t pitch black, it was more like gray and my vision had become distorted like a bad television picture. With the strangest sensation I stumbled forward managing to alleviate myself against a nearby tree. I head back to the tent with an intense eerie vibe taking ahold of me.
I awoke the next morning not really giving what had transpired the previous night much thought. This was until Tony mentioned something around the breakfast campfire. He said the sensation of his balance had been taken from him when he exited his tent a few hours after heading to bed. It was the strangest feeling he said as he had not drank any alcohol that night. I concurred with him my experience but we both thought nothing of it as a one off and quickly focused on the days fishing.
After spending the day at the nearby lake we retired to our camp with our catch and prepared and nice fish fry. We sat around the campfire until close to midnight and then headed to bed. After a few hours of sleep I awoke with a sick feeling in my stomach. I was in disbelief that I felt like I wanted to throw up because it made no sense. I decided to turn over and try to go back to sleep and fight it but the feeling pestered me until I had to jump up and run out of the tent. Only I couldn’t run, I stumbled around again in a peculiar fashion while trying to reach for the zipper on the tent. I fumbled with the zipper managing to get it open and practically falling out of tent I staggered into the dark.

I must have gone only fifteen feet from the tent, finding a spot for me to spill my guts on the floor where nobody would see it in the morning. I was growing ever more aware of my surroundings as I kneeled in the dark. In between heaves I managed to peer around into the darkness feeling how vulnerable I was all of a sudden. Just then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned in its direction thinking I should keep an eye on it in case whatever it was came at me. Coming through the dark was the shape of man but I heard no snapping of twigs or branches and the crunch of the forest floor below it was absent.
“Hey James are you okay” a whispered out
My heart pounding finally sank as I relaxed feeling relief at hearing Ryan’s voice coming towards me. Thinking that he heard me throwing up and come to check on me I answered that I would be okay and I wasn’t sure what had come over me. He crept closer until I noticed he had stopped probably five feet from me and said
“Why don’t you come over here?”
I looked up again after heaving once more thinking to myself what does he want cant he see I’m sick, Irritated I shouted “what”? To which he responded
“Why don’t you come over here?”
Feeling disoriented with my head pounding I slowly got to my feet and slowly started heading his direction, that’s when I realized I was heading away from the tent. I stopped and turned around trying to find the outline of the tent in the dark. I then asked Ryan what was so important out there he wanted to see which he responded again.
“Why don’t you come over here?”
This better be good I thought as I begrudgingly began to head in his direction when I heard another voice call out
“Hey Zack where are you going”?
It was Ryan, except now his voice was coming from behind me, back in the direction of which I realized was the tent. Confused I turned towards the tent and then back to where I had just seen Alex standing. The outline in the dark of the man was gone, just trees and forest floor stood before me. I ran in the direction of the tent finding that my equilibrium had returned to me. Ryan asked me again where I had been going, I didn’t want to sound crazy so I just said I got turned around in the dark for a second and we both went back to sleep, well he did.
I didn’t see anything or hear anything else that night and I’m not sure what I encountered in the woods. I don’t know if it was a hallucination from being half a sleep and half-awake or a skinwalker trying to lure me off deeper into the darkness but what I do know is if you’re camping in the Rockies of Northern Colorado beware of your surroundings at all time.

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