I called mothman

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First I am sorry if this stretches out a bit long but a lot happened that year of 2003. You see 15 years ago when I was a 16 year old kid I had this book called “ten creepiest creatures in America” I loved that book and in there was a creature called mothman. I became entranced with this book and the creatures inside.
This was my ultimate mistake, I wished to see each and every one of these creatures first hand . Starting with the first one – mothman.

Little is known about the creature besides that it almost seems like an omen to disasters . But a year prior to the event I started a website devoted to mothman and it’s sightings. Now I had hundreds upon hundreds of recorded sightings that I sifted through trying to find a way to bring this creature to Dallas Texas.

One sorry talked about yelling “if there are any demons out there , come and get me”. I noted this for when we wanted to lure him here.

Everything I did , the website, studying about it, and all was in an attempt to allow him to notice me , because I’m lire they notice that you notice them (them being mothman ).

One night early 2003 we were having oddities happening around our house . The lines of our phone kept rerouting to other people’s and I even remember trying to call a friend and being stuck on the phone with a man who kept whispering “open your eyes” and “can you see me ?”

After too many things happening that month my friend Brandon , my brother and I decided to finally call mothman there.

5:00 pm the night of. We grabbed a video camera and set up lights around Brandon’s back yard. This was all rigged to a centralized switch inside his outside room made of pure glass. We were ready and set for true documentation of this creature.

Around 6 pm the sun started coming down and I decided to add a quote someone said so to the heavens I yelled at the top of my lungs “if there are any demons out there then come and get me.”

I don’t really remember the exact time I noticed it but after I said this the sky turned a strange red. Bright red. I thought at first it was only due to the sun going down but it remained red all the way into the night. The redness of it all even showed up on the video we recorded . We documented as much of this odd red night sky as we could .

We stayed up late far into the night watching comedies we rented from the local video store and then strangely just passed right out.

I remember waking deep into the night freezing. I had been without a blanket in the outside room. I was in a slow dazed stupor as I still didn’t regain my entire awake consciousness . That’s when I heard it . It was a slight tapping .

It almost seemed peaceful , playful in manner. I was laying with my head directed into the house of Brandon’s and my back to the glass windows towards his back yard. I tried to listen intensely to this noise contemplating all the possible notions of what it could be … until.

The tapping grew louder. By louder I mean it turned into a knocking . And then graduated into a full forced banging . At this point I felt as if I were making something mad by ignoring it so I jetted my eyes open seeing into the house of Brandon’s. There I noticed what seemed like headlights of red behind me shining into Brandon’s house and into the room I was in . These lights were also where I heard the still prolific banging .

I was so scared trying to muster up the courage to turn around and see it but I remember the stories of people who died a few days later after seeing it and back and forth I fought the urges of seeing it and maybe possibly dying or pretending I was asleep.

My body went into I’m a scared teenager mode and I did a classic movement of “make a grunting noise , grab near by blanket and toss it over head”

This worked as planned but I turned and opened my eyes and through the blanket I saw the beaming eyes creating this flood of red. The image still burned heavily into my brain . Then I just went blank. My body asleep my mind out cold.

Brandon recounted waking up that night because of me pulling the blanket off of him . He had to urinate so he went to the glass to the back yard to go to the bathroom. But when he got there he just saw darkness. He remembers seeing the red night sky still but ahead of him at the doorway itself just empty darkness . Brandon also didn’t have any recollection of memory after that moment of seeing darkness.

In the morning on February 1 2003 when I woke up I told Brandon and my brother what happened. Brandon said what he experienced. His mother came in confused why we were making so much noise banging a ball or something against the wall all night .

But that is not the reason I know we saw and experienced mothman. When he is around – it is around – a tragedy happens. … and that day February 1 , 2003 the space shuttle over Dallas Texas exploded.

I don’t believe I brought mothman there from all my noticing it. I don’t believe I had any cause for the terrible tragedy. I believe that all it did was pay me a visit while coming around. It just stopped on by to tell me “hey, I do exist, look over here, I’m real”

The feelings I had from looking at the creature and laying there that night still come around every now and then . And I wonder when I feel that way if it’s coming by to visit again, or maybe … to collect on some kind of debt .

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