I accidentally communicated with aliens using an Ouija board

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In my house we have 1 Ouija board in my dusty old attic and we tend to get it out on Halloween for decoration purposes. We have never really used it and on the occasion that we did we were all disappointed that we could never reach over and contact any spirit on the other side. I never really believed in ghosts or demons and to me the world is a simple formula of biological organisms that live and then die. Then our dead bodies rot and decays till we are nothing but dust. I have a bleak view of the world and in the end we all turn to dust and some creatures may last longer like rats and maggots, but they too will all die.

Death is such an interesting topic and I am not sure how long humans have lived on this planet but death has always been something of a question mark that even the most intelligent of humans could even begin to answer on deaths nature, philosophically speaking. Any how it was on the day I had been left to look after my house while my wife took our kids to their grandparents. I don’t tend to get the house all to myself and when I was tidying the house I saw the Ouija board in my eldest boys room and he must have gotten it out secretly and started playing with it.

I picked it up and just observing how stupid it looked I decided to give it a go myself and I used a glass cup which was going to act as my pointer on the Ouija board. I spoke out loud in the air and still in my son’s bedroom all of his toys and childish interior started to have this menacing feel to it. Then I could feel heat coming from the glass cup and it actually moved to a letter. It then moved to another letter and the word read ‘hello’

I couldn’t believe it and I was just thinking whether I was being fooled or maybe my wife set me up and she hadn’t taken the kids to their grandparents but organised this whole prank to be recorded and to be put up on youtube. I got up and shouted “very funny guys I know I am being pranked again!” but then I could easily tell that I wasn’t being pranked. I mean I have been pranked before and this did not feel like a prank but it felt real.

I went back to the Ouija board with the glass cup in my hand and I started asking multiple questions like “how did you die?” “what time era did you come from?” and the obvious question “what’s the afterlife like?”

Then I could feel heat coming from the glass cup again and it started to move and the words it chose really confused me because of what it said when the words made a sentence which read ‘we are not dead’ and this was an unusual reply because the Ouija board is only used to contact the dead. Then the glass cup was moving on its own again and I was recording the letters on paper and the second sentence read ‘we have a much longer life span compared to you humans’

At this point I was excited as well as completely dumbfounded because the words you expect from a Ouija board are things like death, hell, satan, possession and other religious supernatural terms. I then asked my replier “why are you communicating with me” and the glass cup got hotter and the words it chose to tell me something really unnerved me because it read ‘We are studying you’ and I then asked “why?” to which the glass cup moved again and the sentence read ‘so we can prepare to experiment on your kind and we come from another galaxy’

At this point both the glass cup was too hot to touch and it broke into many pieces and the Ouija board itself burned up and I quickly put it out. Observing back on my first time experience using the Ouija board it didn’t feel like I was talking to anyone that was dead or to some demon in another dimension. It felt I was communicating with actual aliens who had advanced technology. I guessed to myself that the reason why the glass cup heated up as well as the Ouija board must be because of the communication signal the aliens were using to communicate with me.

I got another Ouija board but nothing was happening and I kept on trying to communicate with the aliens but absolutely everything was silence. Then one day I heard a thump noise coming from my sons room and both me and my wife ran into his room. He wasn’t in his room but the Ouija board was present and I could feel heat coming from the Ouija board.

We called the police and every other authority to help us find our son but only I knew what must have really happened. As my wife swirled into depression I secretly used the Ouija board to try and communicate with my son. I suspected that he had been abducted by the aliens when he decided to play around with it.

I was grateful when the aliens finally communicated with me after a long time and I asked them about my son and all they would reply to me with the words on the Ouija board was ‘experiment on human boy complete’ and I had no idea what they meant by that. Then one day I decided to call out to my boy to see if he was with the aliens and it was the happiest day of my life when my boy communicated back with me through the Ouija board.

“I’m glad you are alive son! What did the aliens do to you?” I shouted in the air in my sons room.

The words he chose made every hair on my back stand up because when I read ‘I am replying to you from the after life’ my son did not survive whatever experiment the aliens did to him.

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