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I was only thirteen when this story taken place, I’m sixteen now, this happened when me and my uncle frank thought we would do a late night raccoon hunt, we loaded the dogs into the truck and took our 22’s and a 44 magnum bb gun.

We took a nice drive from his house to a disclosed hunting spot, we unloaded the dogs and watched them run into the forest to find the raccoons.

Me and Frank loaded our 22’s and I loaded the 44 magnum bb gun into my wasteband holder.

We turned on our flashlights and headbands, then we walked into the forest and already had a creepy vibe, we started walking in the direction were we last seen the dogs run into the forest, it felt like we walking at least an hour and started to hear the dogs bark, so we started walking in the direction were we heard the barking come from, we were at least a hundred feet away from the dogs now and we could barely see them with our lights.

My uncle looked at me and said “turn out your lights”, I said ” are you crazy? It’s to dark out here to look” he told me to do it so I did, as I look upon it, I should have at least left a light on.

As soon as I turned my light out, I felt that same creepy vibe that I felt when we walked into the forest. I was trying to walk behind my uncle because I couldn’t barely see where I was going, I kept feeling like someone was watching me and I felt a little creaped out.

So I decided to stop and see if I could see who was possibly following us, I couldn’t see anything so I whispered “can I at least turn on one light?”. I waited at least 1 minute to ask again, so I then started to ask, “do you even know where were go…?”.

Then I heard a noise come from behind me and in front of me all around me, I just stood there and stopped, I tried to tell but whatever was going on, acted like it wouldnt let me do anything.

As soon I felt like there was no hope, my uncle came running at me saying “Ron! Ron! What’s going on!?”. As soon as I heard his voice, I felt like I just woke up from a dream, he said to me “I didnt see the dogs, I seen a weird fucking creature, let’s get the fuck out of her!!”.

He was yelling and screaming so loud I could barely hear what he was saying, so he picked me up and staetimg running towards the truck. It was at that moment I came to and seen something run after us, I said “what in the fuck is that!?!?!”.

Screaming yelling and almost crying, as soon as we got back to the truck and our of those woods, everything felt normal again, I seen the dogs cowaring in fear and whimpering, my uncle the dogs in the back and said “started the truck and let’s go, now!!”.

I started the truck and we out of their. As soon as we got home, we made a promise to never tell anyone, but as soon as I went to sleep I had nightmares about that night for  a week, when I woke up that morning, I took off my shirt to find two huge hand marks on both of my arms, from that nohht on, we vow to never go back

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