Hunted in my dreams

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(Before we start this story i have to say that i’m not the best at spelling so i am sorry for my bad spelling, anyways… let me tell you my story with whatever i seen and still see.)

My name is Fell and i just turned 16 a couple of weeks before, when i was younger i would always play with my brother and our friends on a hill next to my old house that was covered in dead brush and had little trees until you got to the top of the hill. One day i was playing with my friend and he started to tell me about a creature his grandmother had told him about when he was being bad. He said that she would refer to it as a skinwalker and if he was still being bad when he grew up he would be killed by one. It was hard for me to beilive that his sweet grandmother who was only in her sixties, would tell him he would be killed by a strange creature. Me being the eleven year old i was, i simply brushed it off and continued to ignore his remarks about the creature whenever we did something bad like stealing my mother’s cigs.

One day my friend called me late at night before i was about to fall asleep, when i picked up he was breathing hard and sounded like he was hiding. “The thing is real!” suddenly the line cut and i was rolling my eyes thinking he was just messing with me, after awhile i find out he moved because someone had broken into his home but they never found who it was that did. And this is when the strange things began to happen…

One day i was walking through the trail me and my friends made when we went up the hill, while i was walking i began to notice how it suddenly got cloudy and the sun was just barely lighting up the woods. Everything was a slight grey color and i suddenly felt as if i was being watched. I felt the hair on my neck suddenly stand up when suddenly. “Hey bud… What’s wrong.” I heard my friend voice call from behind a couple of trees and bushes, but something was off with the tone.

His voice was a slight mix between a deep guttering growl and a slight higher tone. i stood there unable to move and i watched a clawed, mangled, hand slowly reach around the tree, i watched as the mangled hand’s “Owner” slowly peak half of its face out from behind the tree, its eyes were completely blank from emotion and had a slight yellowish tint to them, but it was it’s head that scared me. One: i Live in Arizona and have never seen a coyote this big, its fur was messing patches around its muzzle and its jaw was open wide enough for me to see its teeth.

I stared in fear as the creature slowly poked it’s head completely out from its hiding place, then the head began to rise, it was first at my height level then slowly began to grow taller as if it was hunched over behind the tree. i watched it sit up and glare down towards me, everything was so cold and i couldn’t move. “Come give me a hug.” I stared in shock as it spoke again, it’s jaw not moving when it spoke but its voice was still a mix between my friend and the deep growling sound.

I finally was able to flex my finger i turned and bolted down the hill tripping and stumbling on rocks and dead brush, suddenly i heard a screeching sound that was NOT any animal could make, it was a wail between my friend screaming and a louder coyote screech.

I made it home and slammed my door shut sobbing to my mother on what i seen, after a couple years i did some research and found out that the creature i seen was native to everywhere.

to this day i still see it watching over me in the corner of my eye, it just stares and whispers…

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Yikes. Whatever you do, DON’T wander off alone. The Wendigo is terrifying but VERY smart. It know when you’re alone, you have no protection. But, it won’t come after you if it’s outnumbered.


Wait, the title is misleading (although a good title). Did this actually happen or you dreamt this? You wrote this as if it really happened. I can’t picture a grandmother being so cruel as to tell their grandchild a boogie man story in this day and age but, from what little I know, the history of the Wendigo was passed down to children to keep them in line. It sounds like the creature visited your friend first and upon him moving away, came after you. I’ve never heard of it hunting or following someone for years though, the way you say it’s coming after you. When you claim it’s watching you, is that because you’ve seen it or because that’s the feeling you’re getting? I’m just curious. Regardless please be careful and don’t be an idiot, some ppl take things too far out of curiosity and they loose their lives.

I dunno about you but I’d do everything I could to take myself off this creatures radar. Good luck!🍀☻


Of course a grandmother would still do that. How else will you keep the kids in line?


My Grandmother never scared me with boogie woogies, she just gave me a stern look and a bit of her Irish attitude and I was in line like I was practicing for a future in the Marines! haha