Humanoid fish creature

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This happened during the summer of 2018. Me and my friends, Vin and Marko went to a lake to camp and fish. When we got there, there wasn’t many other people, which we liked.

Vin was making a fire while me and Marko caught fish to eat. I was just enjoying it and so was Marko. But Marko noticed and pointed out sonething unusual.

I looked where he was pointing and saw this…thing on a different shore of the lake farther from us. It had a human shape but it had scales and eyes like a fish. I couldn’t see it too well because of distance though. The thing was just sitting on a log, and after a few minutes, it got up and walked into the nearby woods.

Marko and I told Vin, but we all agreed that it was just someone in a costume messing with people. Later that night, we all hopped into the back of my van and started watching funny shows on my , which I hotspotted off my phone.

Eventually, Vin and Marko fell asleep. I put my laptop and phone away and dozed off too. Around 2 in the morning, I was awakened by sounds. There was no mistaking these sounds. Someone or something was trying to open the passenger door to my van, which I always lock when I sleep in the van.

I got up and looked to see who or what was trying to get in. I shit myself right there. In my passenger window, was that fish looking creature that I thought was a joker in a costume. I was wrong.

I had a better look at it now. I saw a hand in the windshield with webbed fingers. I saw gills on its neck too. It opened it’s mouth to reveal sharp teeth, confirming that it was no costume.

The thing kept trying to open my passenger and driver doors and even tried the back doors to the van, which needs my key to open thankfully. It even climbed on top of the van looking for a way in.

I don’t know what it wanted. I didn’t want to find out. I was on my own. The noises never woke up Vin or Marko sonehow.

The thing kept at it until about 5 am. I looked out the windshield and saw that was walking into the lake like it lives in there.

When the sun came and Vin and Marko woke up, we got out of the van. In the sand, we saw footprints of webbed feet. Feet shaped like a person’s. There were also dirty hand and footprints on the van from the thing climbing on it.

I told them what happened. We all agreed not to spend another night there.

Fishman, lets not meet again.

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