Home alone or I thought I was alone

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So I was hosting a birthday party at my house and i had 15 girls over and they all decided to play the Ouija board. So we set up the Game we get my candles and we light them and cut off all of the lights and we start the game. So I asked the board if any spirits wanted to talk and it moved to yes. So I then ask it a question like where was I born which none of my friends knew. And it spelt out Birmingham Alabama and then it spelt out the exact time which was 9:15 am . and all my friends where like is it right is it right and I couldn’t speak bc I honestly thought that one of my friends were just moving the planchet. They proceeded to ask questions and we played until about 1 am and my dad had gotten up and was at my doorway. But we were playing in the bathroom so we all jump up and he asks what we were doing and my friend Josie says “she told me that if I drew on my skin with this highlighter it will glow in the dark” and he weirdly believed her and began to laugh and head back to bed. So we go back and ask forforgiveness for taking our hands off the board without saying goodbye and we continue to “play this game” we had run out of questions to ask and all the sudden it starts moving and it had slipped out from under all of our fingers and it continued to move with none of us touching it and it spelled out “shut the door” I said I wasn’t going to and it said “I will” and then the door slams shut at this point we are all crying and freaking out and my dad comes and bangs on the bathroom door and tells me to open it so I throw the board in my cabinet and tell everyone that we are going to tell him that we were laughing so hard that we were now crying and they agree. So I open the door and he asks why we are all crying and I tell him that I scared them all and they were crying and I started to laugh so hard that I started to cry. He then laughs and says “that’s my girl” and I give him a high five, he then goes back to bed once more. I began to feel over whelmingly hot so I take off my shirt and I’m sitting there in my sports bra and my friends start freaking out and then they take a picture of my back and show it to me to reveal that I have scratches and bite marks all over my back. They then began to laugh bc they thought that I was pulling another prank on them but I insisted that I wasn’t. Later that night my friends decided to get me back after I had fallen asleep and so they go to the bathroom where I was with a couple of my other friends and they see that I’m finally asleep and they begin to laugh and plot their revenge and they had their plan thought out and finalized they begin to video and I do not remember any of this but I saw the video. In the video I stand up my eyes still closed and then I turn to face them. I then see my eyes open but my eyes are already in the back of my head. I then slowly tilt my head down and to the side and then I smile. I swear to God that is the creepiest thing I had ever seen. But Then we all got in a circle and prayed over everything.
Then a few months later I was sitting at home by myself because my parentswere getting groceries. And I was just listening to music and I just get this weird feeling that someone is watching me but when I go to torn my head I can’t move and then this woman she was in red and then her face was just black it was not even there it was just a empty hood. Anyways at 4 pm she grabbed my head and starts to whisper a language in my ear that I had never even heard before. I tried to tell her to stop but I couldn’t move. No matter how hard I tried to move. I couldn’t. Then as soon as it hit 5 pm she was gone and all the force I was using to try to move suddenly just worked and I went flying forward. My parents then proceed to walk in the door and asked me why I was bleeding so I told them everything. They didn’t believe me until my mom and dad saw her. they were mortified. They called in a priest and he prayed and blessed our house but this just made the spirits angrier I am still physically and mentally attacked at least once a week. We are currently looking at houses for sale.

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