High Creep at B. R. U.

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I’m a 34 year old female from Washington State and this happened about a fewcyears ago.

At the time I was working for Babies R Us as a part time customer service person/cashier in a nice part of town. It’s important to note that this particular B R U had only set of doors to go in and out of the store, with the service area/register desk right in front of that. I should also state, I stand a whopping 5 foot 1 inch, and am soft as a raw egg. Not exactly the most intimidating person on the block but perfect for greeting people and setting first time parents at ease. I had also been there 2 years on top of a few years at a different location so I was not exactly wet behind the ears.

It was a typical busy Saturday morning during the holiday season. My fellow Service person (there were always at least 2 of us manning the Service Desk during season) and I were ringing people up, trying get credit card sign ups, keeping staff on time for breaks, etc. Suddenly I noticed a guy, in his twenties, right in front of the entrance/exit door and behind the Service desk just… pacing quickly back and forth and singing nonsense to himself. Queue the creep-meter ping immediately. Not that that’s enough to boot him, but I slowed down and began to keep an eye on things. The customers began to notice too, especially when he left and came back, and were clearly uncomfortable but so far he hadn’t done anything to warrant a manager. I was not about to engage this guy if I could help it, and my customers felt the same and kept the kids from doing so.

Well after 5 minutes of this weird behavior, a customer quietly asked me to call a manager about this guy after he suddenly started singing louder and increased his pacing speed. I was happy to oblige, as it was clear to all this guy was not all there and could become dangerous. I forget exactly the next sequence of events BUT I do remember my co-worker telling me she had already contacted managers. Well while waiting for someone to come up and while my back was turned, I had to keep my line moving, this upstanding citizen dropped his pants.

Yep. Right in front of about 30 kids and parents.

He dropped his pants.

Now I knew something had happened because I heard several gasps and saw a customer bolt back to our Baby Registry desk where several managers were. Well the customer right in front of me demanded I call for a manager IMMEDIATELY and told me what he did. Thankfully the managers had called the cops, who caught up with this guy in our parking lot. The police knew this guy on sight BY NAME. He’s a well known Meth user and was high as a kite, though thankfully unarmed.

I’m so glad I’m not in retail, now.

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