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It was a normal day me and my father where hunting.But I felt that something was not right.I felt that I was being watched I look into the forest and at leat 78 meters away I saw a giant brown creature on 2 feet.I ignored it and me and my dad stopped hunting.We where planning to go later at night.Nightfall came and I saw a tree that looked off I took a better look and there where to bear like claws on the tree I tell my dad who looked but it was gone.All that was left was tracks. We saw the brown creature behind a tree.My dad had alcohol with him he threw it at the creature the creature screamed at the alcohol it doesn’t like it it hates it we ran back to the house. The next morning we call the police and we go out with alcohol and we cannot find it.I did some research and the creature looked like a creature called a hide behind. This creature hates alcohol and they eat birds,humans,and raccoons.We go hunting but we always carry alcohol.

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Dude, I’m not stupid. Next time you post a story try not to copy Gravity Falls please.