held at gunpoint when i was home alone.

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This is a long story so i will try my best to keep it short as possible. I am a 21 year old female and this happened to me when i was 15. This is a true story and it was in the news, it happened in Raleigh NC. I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower when i heard someone slowly walking up the hardwood stairs with their shoes on. I pictured my brother probably looking at his phone which explains why he would be walking slowly. What i didn’t understand is why he would be walking in the dark. While thinking about this i hear the footsteps stop so I peek my head out of the doorway to see what my brother was doing and ask him about the lights. To my horror a man with a ski mask was standing in the hallway closet peeking his head out to look at me. We surprised each other and both jumped back a bit. I took a couple steps backwards into the bathroom i should have slammed and locked the door but i was in shock. Next thing i know the man walks into the bathroom. He’s wearing all black, he had gloves and a ski mask. He has a gun pointed at me and a metal billy club in his other hand. I’m so freaked out i couldn’t understand what was happening, the only thing i could think of is my brother put on a ski mask and took a fake gun to scare me. Now i want to say my brother would never do that but i think my brain was just trying to come up with a better scenario then what was actually happening. I started saying “jay this isn’t funny” (jay being my brothers name) and after saying that a couple times i saw that the skin below the man’s eyes wasn’t the same as my brothers so even though i was hoping this was my brother, it definitely wasn’t. The moment i realized that this was really happening i started screaming on the top of my lunges. I crouched down by the bathtub and covered my face hoping someone would hear me but no one came to my rescue. After screaming for a couple seconds i heard the guy telling me to shut up or he will hurt me. He starting asking me where our money was. I stood up and he told me to get back down. I said i had some money in my room. He told me to crawl there while he was behind me. He had the gun pressed against the back of my neck. At first i was hoping the gun was fake but i could feel its weight and the cold metal letting me know it was real and probably loaded. So i start crawling to my room and i stopped in the doorway i looked at my bed for a second and felt a new fear because now i wasn’t only afraid for my life but i was also afraid of rape and having to crawl on my hands and knees wasn’t helping. I stand up and walk into my closet, i had a hollowed out book with 22 dollars and small amount of weed in it. I grabbed the cash and thought about offering him the weed as a bonus but i felt too awkward to do so i just put the book back. He looked at me and said “is this it?” sounding pissed off that i would even offer it to him. I didn’t think about it at first but my mom had around 800 dollars stashed downstairs in a spare room. The 22 was just my first instinct. “Oh yes we have a lot more money in the house my mom makes cash for a living, its downstairs” he says fine and we head down stairs and he makes me crawl again. The whole time he is telling me not to try anything and i say i won’t. I started talking a lot, rambling actually. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen after he gets the money because i’m getting the vibe that wasn’t the only thing he wanted but. We start heading downstairs and i’m expecting to see my mom and brother also with guns in their faces. Turns out they weren’t even home and i have no idea when they will return. I didn’t know this at the time be she left to pick him up from work which takes about 15 minutes. This really freaks me out and i realize i’m going to have to stall and hope they come home soon. Like i said i was rambling. I was telling him about my mom’s furniture business and how she stashes money all over the house and moves it around so no one will find it. But i knew exactly where it was. So we start going around the house opening decorative cookie jars and couch cushions. At one point i even got him to look through a bunch of dvds. He starts getting pissed off and we are standing in the downstairs hallway. I’m starting to feel more comfortable around him and i’m not of the floor anymore i’m standing in front of him telling him i don’t know where the money is and she must have moved the hiding spot. I’m debating my next move when we hear a noise. The guy turns his head in the direction of it and i don’t even look to see what it was. I just see him turn his head and i run full speed in the other direction. I’m terrified i might be shot in the back and i book it up the stairs to my room. I lock myself in and call the police.
Turns out the noise was my brother coming in the back door. Once the guy realized i was gone he decided to deal with my brother. He took my brothers wallet which actually had no money but it did have a key to our house. Next thing my mom walks in behind my brother, she was on the phone and knew something seemed weird. The second she saw the guy with the gun and ski mask she closed the door and booked it to our neighbors house. She felt bad leaving my brother but she knew if she entered the house it would be a hostage situation. She hid in the neighbors bushes and called the police, they explained I was already on the phone with them. Now this guy is probably realizing he’s quickly losing control of this situation. He decides to leave maybe to go after my mom or to run away but he couldn’t get the door open. My brother says “let me get that for you” and opens the door for him. The guy leaves and then the police arrived. Everyone was OK but they didn’t catch the guys until two months later. We had already moved back to Michigan by then.
My mom later told me that her and my brother almost stopped to get food on their way home and we are all so thankful that they didn’t. We are much more careful now and i’m so happy everyone was OK.
Follow up on the guys getting caught.
It turned out to be two brothers working together and one of them decided to go solo that night. Two break ins after mine they tied up a husband and tried to rape his wife on their kitchen floor. The husband broke free to stop them, he was shot and is now paralyzed from the waist down. The brothers ended up confessing not only to my break in and that one but many others. They will be behind bars for a long time.
Thank You for reading my story and sorry if there was any errors this is my first time submitting my own story, i love your channel and i will probably submit some more experiences soon!

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Glad you and your family are okay!