Haunted Okinawa

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I am a U.S. Marine and this is my story on the experiences iv had during my deployment in Okinawa, Japan from September 2016 to March 2017.

Now here’s a small history of the island itself : during the 2nd world war there was a VERY bloody battle between the U.S. And Japan on the island that lasted well over 80 days. During the battle there was an estimated 82,000 deaths on American and Japanese armed forces combined.  And an estimate 150,000-300,000 Okinawan civilians were either killed, committed suicided or went missing due to hiding in the caves and underground passageways that run for miles hiding from the horrors of war.

Now I was staying at camp Schwab  during the deployment. it’s located further up north of the island away from the rest of the bases down south where most of the battle sites are at.

So there’s two parts of this story at different locations. One was at camp Schwab and the other was at camp Hansen which is about a 20 minute drive south of Schwab. The first story happened to a friend of mine who was on the deployment with me but was sent to PMO to be a gaurd or whatever those guys do.

So my buddy, let’s name him Alex, was doing his usual roving during his post around the base. It was around 3am. When he suddenly caught site of a person on top of a hill just wondering aimlessly. He told me that this guy, who he thought was just another drunk marine, was just pacing back and forth looking at the ground on the ridge line of the hill. He couldn’t see futures because of how dark it was but he can obviously see a siluet or outline of a person. He didn’t want to be an asshole and blind this guy so before he reached out for his flashlight togeth a better look he called out to him saying “Hey,  devil dog. Everything alright?” Just then the siluet stopped walking and just stood there for a good 5 seconds and then just slowly started walking away from Alex. He then tried calling out to him again this time following him and letting the rest of the guards know on his radio about the situation. But the closer Alex got the further the siluet went. Pretty soon Alex was literally chasing this guy at a full sprint but he or it just kept going faster and faster until the figure went around a ammunition building. Now Alex knew that he had him trapped because behind that building is nothing but a tall fence with barbed wire so pretty much a dead end. To make a better discription: the building was siting parallel to the corner of the fence line of that makes sense. At this time two more guards came in a vehicle  to help Alex weed the guy out. One gaurd stayed by the car while Alex and the second went separate ways around the building to find the runner. But as they went around and went between the fence and building they only found each other on the other side. At first they figured he went inside the building through a window or unlocked door but as they opened the building once they got the keys the only this they discovered was that every door and window was locked. What freaked them out the most was that there were no foot prints anywhere on the muddy ground around the building. Only their own. It was like he vanished.

I later found out from previous marines I talked to online that were stationed here that there is a ghost on this base they called “the shadowman”. Apparently if you are to catch site if this dark figure and it notices you, it will then turn away to avoid you and there have been more incidents of this happening through the years mostly by the guards and the staff NCOs who are roving around the base.

This next incident happened to not only me but two more buddies of mine during a field operation at a combat town in or near camp Hansen.

This was during the 2nd and 3rd night at different locations of the area that was in the middle of the jungle inside the camp.

The first night my platoon was sleeping about 150 yards in the jungle from the road. There was a LPOP the was set up on a small elevation point on the side of the road. Now an LPOP for those who don’t know is an observation point where a marine or soldier is on watch. I had watch at midnight so as I made my way there I made sure I had my NVGs (night vision Goggles) with me because although it was a full moon there were some clouds that made it a little difficult to see at night. So as I was there I couldn’t help this feeling of being watched. And this feeling felt as if it was coming from the other side of the road. Further on the night around 1:30am I heard what sounded like a footsteps or a type of dragging noise along the grass below me. To be honest it sounded like it was coming from everywhere and I started getting freaked out. I then heard this clicking noise. I first I brushed it off as maybe a bird but as I listened closer it sounded more distinct, like the clicking a person makes with their Tongue. And this was coming from the tree line across the road from me. Freaked out I grabbed the NVGs and started scanning the tree line. Nothing. I couldn’t find anything not a person or a critter. I finally got relieved and power walked my ass straight to my sleeping bag. Let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep that night.

My buddy, Philip was the one who took my post at 2am and his experience was much more terifying.

While he was up there he heard the same footsteps as I did only this time they were closer than where I pointed them out. Being freaked out as well he stood up scanning the area. About 30 minutes later he heard what sounded like sobbing and mumbled words.  Like a woman faintly sobbing and saying something in a language he didn’t understand. This sobbing was coming from below him. He nervously poked his head out said, “ma’am? Are you there? You ok?” All of a sudden in a split second the woman’s voice suddenly became louder. By that I mean literally right  by his left ear, she was speaking to him what he said was Japanese. This scared him so fucking bad he was frozen in his tracks almost like a trans.  he didn’t even turn his head to look at her that’s how scared he was. Once he snapped out of this trans he sprinted towards the platoon not even looking back once. This is when I heard him running pass me which scared the shit out of me being freaked out as it is. I then overheard him saying to the sergeants about how there’s no way he’s going back there. I mean this guy was TERRIFIED. I could hear it in his shaking voice. After that incident there were a lot of marines that where on a high sense of alert the rest of the operation.

The next night we spent the night in the combat town inside the buildings since it was pouring a little bit here and there. During the night we had two posts with 240 machine guns one each one. The posts were on top of the highest buildings of the small empty town. Once again were surrounded by jungle and tree lines that boardered the town. Once I finished my post I went to my sleeping system to get some shut eye when I was awoken 20 minutes later by the marine who relived me. “There’s someone out there, man. I saw them with my NVGs walk out of the jungle to cross the road and then a shorter  person followed” he whispered to me. I told him it’s probably range control guys and to go back on post. 30 minutes later he woke me and a sergeant up saying ” I see them again, dude this time who ever it is  keeps poking their head in and out of the tree line”. After that the sergeant and I grabbed two more marines a total of 4 of us to gear up and investigate. As we went along the outside of the combat town between the tree line of the jungle and the buildings  I was told to go to the second post to let the marine who’s on watch know that my fire team will be walking by to investigate. As I walked  along the tree line I had this feeling of dread, and a feeling of being watched again. I shook it off until I then heard in the distance of the jungle  what sounded like a child talking and playing. Now it was around 2 in the morning so I figure what the fuck is a kid doing out in the middle of nowhere. I brushed it off as my mind playing tricks on me and went up the stairs of the building  to let the marine on watch know about the situation. The marine on watch happened to be my friend, Jerry and as I was explaining to him what was going on there was a distinct child’s laughter coming from the tree line behind us. This laughter was so loud that the sergeant sleeping a few feet from us scrambled to his feet and was like “what fuck was that? Did you guys just hear that??” He was as startled as we were. Jerry then said to me “it’s probably your guys playing with us”. I grabbed my NVGs and scanned the town in front of us. To my horror there was my fire team of marines still scanning the tree line in the road. All 3 of them. If they were there in my sight then who the fuck was laughing? We then got our flashlights and scanned the tree line. Nothing. Nothing but the thick jungle. Not even the sound of insects or animals were heard…. Once my fire team assembled they too found nothing during the small patrol, no footprints or indications of someone or something walking around the area where the huminoid figures where spotted.

Iv come to realize how haunted Okinawa really is. As beautiful as it is here it is VERY eire. there are  Two things iv learned from these experiences. One is to respect the dead and their land. 2 is to never walk alone in Okinawa at night. So of you ever come down to Okinawa, keep a good eye out because chances are you might run into a ghost.


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