Haunted Hotel Stories

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Last year my buddy Quin and I went on a mini haunted road trip. Our first stop was to supposedly haunted hotel in Flagstaff AZ. We stayed in a room that’s supposedly haunted by an old lady.

Theres a creepy old rocking chair that shes supposed to rock in at night, so we decided we had to go see for ourselves. Early Saturday morning we made the 10 hour drive and finally reached our destination. We checked in and went upstairs to our bedroom to get settled in for the night.

For the first little while not much happened.

We just spent the first couple hours relaxing after a long days drive. Once the sun started to go down we broke out our audio recorder and started recording and asking questions to see if we could catch any EVPs. We tried again and again but wasn’t having any luck.

We tried again for a while but decided it was time to try something else.

I had brought a microphone that I could hook up to my phone for better audio while vlogging. I went over to my suitcase to get it but it wasn’t there. I KNEW I brought this, I just had it. We searched and searched but my microphone had vanished. We decided to go to the car to see if we had left it out there, but before we left we decided to set up our night vision camera on the rocking chair to see if we could catch it moving.

We went out to the car and searched but the microphone was no where to be found. We headed back to the room to see if we had caught anything on the camera. When we got back to the room I grabbed the night vision camera and started to review the footage.

This was a brand new camera so I was excited to review the footage. We grabbed the camera and started to review.

The footage was fine for the first 30 seconds, but all of the sudden the screen started going blurry and had big white streaks going across the screen, kind of like what used to happen on an old fashioned TV set. It also had a loud buzzing sound that accompanied the streaky screen. We were officially starting to freak out.

We did a few more EVPs but didn’t catch anything else.

It was starting to get late and we had a long drive the next day to the next haunted location but we decided to set up the nightvision camera one last time and ask a few more questions.

A few minutes went buy with nothing happening. Just as we were about to give up hope I noticed something moving in the curtains.

I COULDN’T believe it.

As I looked at the curtain, I could clearly see the shadow of a person walking behind the curtain! This entity walked back and forth into view a few times before vanishing out of view for good. My friend and I were officially freaked out.

The best part of it was that we got it on camera! We didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

Now I know some of you are thinking it was just someone walking outside the room, and that’s a reasonable suspicion, but the only problem is…

We were on the top floor, and there was nothing outside the windows… No outside curtains, no flags, no nothing that would cast any kind of shadow… let alone a shadow of a human figure that walked back and forth.

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