haunted doll

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first a little bit of background I was 10 when my grandpa bought me this doll the doll was 30 dollars it was a cowgirl doll she was the size of a 3 year old child. my grandpa knew i liked dolls being a only child. little did i know this doll would be hell. now that’s out of the way. my ex-best friend we’ll name her katie was staying over one night she brought over her doll we played with the dolls a few hours when my mom called us for dinner we ate and when we came back Katie’s doll was in my doll’s hands in a strangle like position we thought it was prank by my dad. later that night we were watching movies Katie turned her head to say something to me now i had placed my doll on my computer chair facing the computer when turned her head she pointed the computer had been turned around and my doll’s head as staring down at us. we both freaked i threw that doll into my closet. the next day after Katie left i was in my room watching tv when i heard growling and scratching coming from my closet i froze. the doll was growling and scratching to get of my closet now i was terrified like crap in pants terrified i grabbed the doll out it in the attic. ever since then my family and i hear walking and thumps coming from the attic not one of my family members will go up there that doll is scary as hell but i have one unanswered question how can brand new doll be possessed? i guess i’ll never know but that doll is haunted.

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