Haunted Church Entity

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My name is John and this happened when I was 10 or 11 years old, so it would be around 1978 or 1979. While I was younger I was involved with the church and this happened one Sunday morning while I was helping set up for Mass. I was the only one in the building setting up when I heard a loud bang coming from the choir loft at the other end of the building.

Curious, I stepped out from where I was and called out “Hello” and there was no answer.

So, I figured that the person just didn’t hear me and was just doing what they needed to do in getting ready. I was looking up towards the choir loft to see if I could see the person and there was no one there and figured that something had just fallen down and the noise just echoed throughout the church. I was just going through the normal rational ideas to come up with a reason for what I had just heard.

Right then and there I had a feeling that I wasn’t alone. Normally I wouldn’t have minded because I figured that the organist came in early to get ready but this was different.

I had this uneasy feeling that not only was my life was in jeopardy but my soul.

It was a fear that I never felt before or since. As I was looking up at the choir loft I couldn’t see anyone yet I could sense that there was some “thing” up there. It then appeared to me.

It was a shapeless and formless figure and it was exuding, or giving off, this evil that just penetrated through me like sound would at a concert if you were standing too close to the amps. What I felt went way beyond the “fight or flight” reaction people talk about when faced with a situation like this. I was frozen there beyond being scared and my mind didn’t process things for a few seconds.

I could see it turn towards me and we stared each other down. I really got more freaked out than I already was.

Then all of a sudden, I guess my mind snapped back to reality and I just ran and took off out of the church and stayed there until I saw the priest came out of the rectory and started going over to the church.

I didn’t realize how far I ran until I started walking back to the church. I had run about 100 to 150 feet from the church. When the priest had seen me fully dressed to take part in the mass and seen how freaked out I was, he asked me what had happened so I had told him what happened and what I had seen and felt.

He tried to reassure me that it was probably my imagination, that it was an old church and that it might have just been something falling or something mechanical.

The thing is that I’ve been in that building long enough to know the sounds of the mechanical devices when they kick on and off. Another thing is that I know is that my imagination wouldn’t give me that life threatening feeling or being able to tell that there was some “thing” giving off such evil that it reverberated throughout my body.

I’ve always been a skeptical person, even since I was this age and not only that I’ve never let my mind get the better of me.

I’ve never lost my faith in God and his advisory, and I feel that’s what this one was, some kind of evil spirit or demon and since that day whenever I went into that church I always made sure that there would be someone else there so that I wouldn’t have to come across that “thing” again.

Then again this would be the first time that I came across something like this, but then again that’s a story for another time. It’s because of this situation that I became curious about the paranormal and yet I still try to rationalize everything.

When dealing with a situation like this I believe that saying “If you rule out the probable, all that remains, however improbable must be possible.”

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