Haunted building

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About three (03) years ago I joined a company situated at north-west part of Bangladesh. I manage one important side of the company, mainly responsible for workers management in respect of their facilities and benefits. As part of expanding business to another site management took a big size new building rental basis last year and this is far 1.5 kilometer far from present building. Surrounding area of this building is very solitary and local people avoid this place having many rumors among near all communities. Peoples say that this place was used as funeral session (burning dead body) for Hindu ritual after one’s death having a big size river. Despite that this place was full of jungle with many unanimous botanic plants. In British rule there was a death hole, mainly used as execution place for capital punishment. Many more untoward incidents took place at this place- this information goes one to others from past days.

A few days ago I was working in the office at old building then I received a news that one female cleaner got faint and laid down in the toilet ( near at canteen) of fourth floor. Normally no worker come this place except lunch hour. About 150 workers work at the 1st and 3rd floor of this building. I didn’t heed this news with more importance. After two or three days I received this news with sever points that she pushed all to run away with from floor. Finally this is revealed by others people working in the building specters impose on her soul and for this reason she got stronger adamantly and showed herself to others as an uncommon woman with para-normal activity specially responded with unusual voice when someone asked him about herself. She introduced herself she is female specters. Her name is Tumpa, living at east side toilet. Her boyfriend lives another building. She is arrogant because of getting hurt by swiping stick while chameli(female cleaner)cleaning on. That is why she gets herself on chamel’s soul. Such speculations by many men come to me. I don’t belive in ghost or any bad soul. So I try to forget this issue.

After three (03) days I was waiting outside of the old factory building for Office vehicle. One security personal named Monir came to me and informed me, Sir- I will not do office duty at the new building after closing office with trembling voice. I simply asked him – why? He was standing in front of me for some whiles without responding to my question. I asked again with calling his name. I asked strongly what happened. He responded with low voice- there was something exist I saw, which is very fearful. I got astonished when a young man tried to say something in fearful voice. I gave some encourages to him – there is nothing existed and nobody could harm to you; just continue your work. He wiped out and said that I saw one old lady with long white hair sitting on ramp at the third floor when climbed down from fourth floor checking all lights and window after office hour. I got frightened and went down at ground floor quickly. I asked again anything else. He replied that one day I was sitting my desk at ground floor at around Magrib prayer time. I went into east side of the building, where warehouse is situated at the same floor hearing some noise from there. Sir, I was stuck seeing the scenario of inside the warehouse. Many Polyester fabric rolls were going up and down; running away whole floor. He said security on duty at the next vacant building also observed this scenario through glass of window – you can also ask him if you don’t believe me. Lastly I assured him I will transfer him at old building.

My fellow officer, Mr, Barkat was responsible to supervise cleaners’ job. At the next day I called him to meet me. When he came I asked him what was happening there in recent days. He informed me that today he brought two pigeons for Chameli. Because she wanted to take one. He let other pigeon escaping inside the factory. Yesterday specters vesting on Chameli asked to pigeon for taste. I asked roughly, Why Pigeon came with this issue? He frightened and shared that few days ago he caught a pigeon and took cooking at his house.

I understood let this issue go beyond the control. I ordered Mr. Sharif, HR Officer to transfer her to the old building from the next day and I ordered the security for helping HR people to take him here tomorrow.

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