Halloween store creeper

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It all happened a few weeks ago while I was working. I had been working at my local Halloween store for the season. I was in the back of the store putting up costumes when I heard my manager and coworker talking to one another on our headsets, which normally consisted of nonsense so I didn’t really listen to what was going on but maybe I should have been.

I was displaying the costumes as well as helping people in our fitting rooms. I had to stay close by while people were in there considering we’ve had many things stolen, so I couldn’t leave it unattended at any point. I was waiting for the girl to come out so I could go back to putting up merchandise when all of a sudden, a man who looked to be about 40 with bright red glasses and dark brown hair, came up to me. He kept pointing to the very back where all our masks were, trying to lure me over there. He said “hey, hey I need you. Come here now. Come”. The entire time he was gesturing me over there and kept twitching as if he couldn’t stand still. Finally I asked my coworker to come help me because I wasn’t leaving the fitting rooms unattended nor was I going to follow this man in a deserted area which also had been close to an exit.

My coworker, let’s call Tay, came up to me asking what was wrong. The man then came up to her, trying to get her to follow him but she called our manager back there as well. After he went away, Tay began explaining to me that he kept trying to get into our office area where our manager was. He kept begging her to allow him to help to which she refused but he wouldn’t stop trying to get back there until she yelled at him to stop.

After all this, we were shaken up. We knew something wasn’t right with him and I’m just happy my coworker was there because who knows what was planning.

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