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This happened a few weeks ago. It was the first time I go camping and we go to a forest near South California. My family thought it was about time we have some proper family time. We arrived around 3 in the afternoon, when the sun was still up. We went for a hike deep in the woods until we found a spot far enough from civilization as there was another nearby cramp ground. We ended up somewhere not to far and chose to stay there as the sun was starting to set. My uncle sends me with my 6 year old niece to go find some wood for the fire. I go with her and tell her as many forest facts as I can tell her as she always wants to learn something new things and she looks up to me. About 20 minutes later and we return. Around 9m now , almost all the young ones and most parents went to sleep, so it was only my friend, who came with me, my cousins who were a bit far away in their little cliche, and my uncle. the fire started to die down and I went to go find some more firewood. My friend asked if I wanted him to join me and said no. I would soon regret that answer.

I walk about 5 feet into the woods and I know I need to hurry as I hear my uncle and my friend talking yet I barely I see the fire itself. After picking up about 10 sticks I start to head back, then I hear a twig snap. I stop walking and begin to look around and start to think, “Oh my god, are there skin walkers here?” I start to panic and start to rush to the campsite, but then I realized, by stopping to figure out where the snapping twig came from, I lost my way of direction. I start to truly panic and start to shout, not caring if the “skinwalker” was going to hear me. About 5 minutes past and I see no signs. I start to walk when I see a river, and it seemed to be heading down, remembering we were near a like that had a stream going down. I start to run upto find any place familiar. and I couldn’t find anywhere that we saw earlier, granted I barely saw much as I was helping with the tents. Then I see a silhouette and start to yell at him as he looked tall and skinny like my friend. That would be my second mistake. As I got closer and as the man turnined, I notice he had a scar over his eyes and his clothes were ripped, almost as if they were clawed. I run up the hill screaming, hoping I was close to the campsite or close to anyone to hear me, still holding to the sticks. Eventually I found myself in the middle of the trail that showed that the other campsite was nearby. I ran there, still with the damn sticks, and saw two families and 8 people took me back to my site where I find everyone awake, Lighting the lace with flashlights as the fire was dead by then, looking for me. I came back and explained this tall man with ripped clothes and a scar over his face, who started chasing me after I screamed. I left the campsite around 9:10 , I returned back at 11:27. That may have not stopped me from going back to camping, but that did stop me from going camping at a non campsites.

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