Goatman at My Summer Camp

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To begin my name is Nathan and I am you typical 16 year old guy. I like the occasional scary movie and getting creeped out with friends but I have never put much thought into the paranormal or “monsters” before. Not that I’m a skeptic or anything. I just hadn’t really put any thought into it as being real. It all seemed like child’s play to me until my week at summer camp last year.

It was my third summer to go to this camp and for security reasons I don’t want to say the name of the camp. My parents had been sending me and two of my friends, John and Seth, to this camp for the past two years and nothing seemed different about this year until our fourth night at camp.

At this camp we didn’t have tents or cabins. We slept in a type of raised wooden platform with a canvas like tent over them.

I guess they did this because of how rocky and hilly the ground was there. The deck like platforms were about four feet off the ground so there was plenty of space under them and sometimes we boys would hideout under them to jump out and scary each other or play around. Anyway, now that you know what the set up was like, like I said it was our fourth night at camp. Lights out was at ten o’clock and we were all in our cots whispering and joking to one another as the one of the camp instructors worked his way around to all the tent platforms making sure everyone was in there assigned tents and accounted for.

It was four boys to a tent so Seth, John, and I had been sharing ours with a new friends we had been assigned with at camp.

His name was Logan and he was a pretty cool kid. He was a huge Pokemon fan like the three of us so we hit it off great with him. We all fell asleep soon after lights out. At about what I would guess to be 1 in the morning I was woke up by a gnawing, crunching sound.

The moon was fairly bright that night but on the inside of the tent platforms it was pitch black so I couldn’t see a thing. It sound like it was coming from the back corner of the platform so I immediately assumed it was Seth raiding the cookie stash we had been hiding from the rest of the boys, but before I could chew him out about it Seth himself said to me in a soft whisper, “Nathan, what the hell are you doing?” Slightly confused I whispered right back in the same tone, “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

My eyes has adjusted a little to the darkness and the moonlight coming in through the small, back slit of the canvas tent was helping me to see things better. I could make out the dark shape of Seth sitting up on his bunk and the my other two friends still fast asleep. As we both sat there listening, I could tell that the sound was actually coming from beneath our platform where we would hideout and play around. I slipped out of my cot and quietly made my way over to Seth’s because his was the closest to the back flap of the tent.

By the time I had made it to him the sounds had stopped. Seth and I both slowly stuck our heads out of the back flap of the tent and there in the moonlight standing by a tree about 30 feet from the back of our tent stood this wild looking creature. It was around 7 feet tall and was covered in thick, matted brown hair from its waste down.

Its torso looked like that of a human except that its arm were much hairier. Its legs resembled a goats legs but were still very human like with hooves instead of feet. The things head was the scariest part about it though. It was a goats head with long, twisted horns. It was rubbing its horns against the trunk of a tree near by. Seth whispered in a low strain to me, “what in the blue fuck is that thing?” I didn’t respond. I just kept staring at this thing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it no matter how hideous it was. Almost like my eyes were drawn to it.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality was only about five minutes according to Seth, this thing stopped rubbing its horns on that tree and simply walked off. Seth and I were terrified. We wanted to go tell our camp director, but his tent was on the opposite row of tents from ours and about five tents down. There was no way in hell we were going out there so that thing could see us if it was still around. We both sat in Seth’s bunk not saying a word till morning. When John and Logan got up we told them what had happen.

At first they didn’t believe us and thought we had just teamed up to scare them but when we told the camp director at breakfast that morning they knew we were telling the truth.

They knew we wouldn’t tell them just for laughs or to convince them of the prank. The camp director just brushed us off saying it was probably some of the other boys trying to scare us or one of the younger directors trying to mess with us. We spent the rest of the week there at camp in utter fear of nightfall. We never heard or saw anything else though. Since the camp directors didn’t believe us we figured our parents wouldn’t either so we decided not to tell them. When summer came around this year I turned down the offer to go to camp saying I was getting too old for it.

It’s an awful thing to know something like this and not be able to tell someone. That’s why I hope just one person who hears this on here will understand. I know what Seth and I saw that night was not just some of the other boys or directors having some fun. It was real and is still out there I’m sure.

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