Goatman at my Bonfire

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Let me start off by saying i am a 16 year old boy I grew up hearing stories from boggy creek to the llorona sometimes even about the goat man , me and my girlfriend were planning a date for weeks so I decide to pick her up and take her out to dinner we had a nice time ,

but we still wanted to hangout with each other so I invited her to come to my brothers place with me they lived right by her so I could walk her home whenever I wanted , so she called her dad and told him she was going with me and I would walk her home afterwards ,

he said ok so we went to my brothers and we made a fire and sat under the canapee my brother told us stories but one we really enjoyed was the story of the Goatman ,

my brother said “I saw him just up the hill over there”, he swore that it was true but we didn’t Believe him .After awhile my brother went so me and my girlfriend started to make out then she checked the time she said it was 11 and she had to be back by 12 ,

I just said ok (keep in mind its the country) we started to make out again not gonna lie she unbuttoned her shirt a little but we were interrupted by my brothers dogs barking , me and her got up and went inside to get some of my hunting gear I left the previous week

I had a shotgun and I give her my 9mm handgun and a flashlight. We went to check out what the dogs were barking at but nothing was there so we went inside and fell asleep we woke up at 12:30 ,trying not to get in trouble she told her dad she went to her friend Sarah’s house and they fell asleep so he told her it was ok and she could spend the night and my brother was ok with it

so we went back to bed, I got up at 2 in the morning to go get a glass of water while I was drinking it the light from the streetlights hit the window and I saw a shadow pass by then the dogs started to go nuts again

so I woke my girlfriend up and told her to get the guns and flashlight i told her to hold the light steady while I shot, but when we went out there our stomachs sank we saw something standing tall that looked like a goat but only the head and legs looked like it , the rest was human looking .

I aimed at it , the thing looked like it was going to charge so I shot it but when I did it let out this hipitched hellish scream and ran into the trees , me and my girlfriend ran back inside slammed the door locked it and we didn’t sleep for the rest of the night and trembled in fear whenever we heard the dogs.


My question is did we really see the goatman, to everyone do not rule something off as being a story because it might be true

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