Goat man

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So this all happened when I frist got my.New job at the DNR wildlife game warden we’ll i was Driving in my truck.So I turn down a dirt road looking.for any one on the road illegally . About 30 minutes Before sundown I saw some thing really tall.siting in the middle of the road when hit the horn. it screamed so loud I thought my windows would Brake.I froze in panic.Then it ran off like happend a few Days go By.it’s july4 and that’s when I had my.day off so I decided to go on a bike ride Through the woods completely forgetting about what happened.I Biked through the woods for a couple hours by then Sun was getting low and.Saw a dead deer which had it to back legs ripped off. One hour after seeing it it was probably 6:30 when I heard a scream I stopped and looked around confused. Then I saw it a tall man.horns and Goat type legs I Cary a 9mm I shot twice out fear. Then I booked it back to my truck. Fratting foot steps Behind. But where the forst cut off it stopped and screamed. I will not Be going Back any.time soon

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