Glitch in the Matrix?!

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Okay so this happened less than an hour ago. My mom entered a CVS to buy something for her hair and while I was sitting in the car waiting an elderly man dressed completely in 1940’s-1950’s style of clothing walks out. He did not come out with any sort of merchandise from the store.

He had a brown twead fedora looking hat, a black suit with a blue tie that had a pin in the middle of it, black shoes, and was carrying a black briefcase as well as a black umbrella that appeared to have a metal tip. He was also wearing old spectacles.

I watched him walk past our car and head towards the street, completely oblivious to the many potholes and puddles that filled the CVS’s parking lot. He walked to a streetlight and I watched as he simply into thin air. Like popped out of existence or something. I had watched an Awakening your Third Eye video the night before and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with what happened or not. I know what I saw! The man looked completely real, I almost wanted to get out of the car and speak to him, but I did not and hence regret it.

Nobody else seemed to notice the man in his odd attire, so I do not know if I saw a spirit or actually had a ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ moment. Still a little shook up about it, as nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I intend to look into the buildings history and see if a Law Firm building was there during the 1940’s-1950’s. I will update if I find anything else.

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