Giant Thunderbird of Tombstone

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This isn’t my story, but a trusted friend of mine hasn’t told anyone this, and wants to get it off her chest. Due to her wanting her identity kept secret, I’ll be using her Native American name for her and the friend of hers, rather than the given name. It happened in Spring of 2018, so it’s still fresh in her mind.

In Tombstone, Arizona, Gold Wing (my friend) had just visited the Birdcage Theater with her friend, Calm Stream. As they walked, they kept hearing wind blowing all around them. Since they were just eager to get back home and have lunch, they passed it off as nothing. Calm Stream kept looking around and Gold Wing told him that he should stop, because the fidgeting was really ticking her off. He said “I’m telling you, that wind isn’t natural, now that I think about it. It might be a . . .” he trailed off and Gold Wing said “A what?” Calm Stream just told her not to worry about. Miffed, Gold Wing just continued to walk.

When they were close to being back, Calm Stream felt a really strong wind and a huge “CAW!” But, rather than being a shrill crow, it sounded more like a crash of thunder. He looked up at the same time Gold Wing did, and they both saw something beyond astounding. As they watched, a huge bird flew over them. It looked like the same color as a crow, only scaled up to gargantuan size. Calm Stream and Gold Wing both agree that it was at least 30 feet long, with a 60-foot wingspan. In fact, it actually covered the sun as it flew past. After it was out of sight, neither of them moved for over a minute. Gold Wing said “We need to tell somebody.” Calm Stream refused and said his reputation wasn’t going to be ruined by saying he saw a giant bird. Gold Wing decided not to tell anyone except me about it.

No matter what anyone may say, Gold Wing and Calm Stream are convinced that they saw a thunder bird, though it hasn’t been seen since that day by anyone. Or at least, seen possibly, but not reported. I’m not worried for her, because I’ve only heard 1 report in history of a huge bird picking up a kid in Alton, Illinois. That kid was badly frightened, but not hurt. Although, no one really knows what thunder birds are capable of or what they eat. Still, she told me that the next time she’s standing in the open and a huge shadow is over her, she’ll ask herself “Was that a cloud over the sun? Or was it . . . something else?”

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