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The end of 8th grade and the summer before freshman year, revolved around this old abandoned house that me and my friends would hang out in. The only way in was through this big window that was on the wall of a walk in area about 4 ft off the ground. There were cement stairs that led up to the doorway which was open for a short amount of time before someone padlocked it. When you walked into the house there were no walls, just the exposed framework, except for where the basement stairs started. There was a big open room to the left, the basement was straight ahead from the big window, and to the right there was what I assumed would be used as a dining room with two door ways on the left wall (looking into the room) that led to a small kitchen, that only had a rusty white sink, and a bathroom. The stairs were in between the basement stairs and the bathroom. Upstairs was in better condition then downstairs; there were actual walls at least. The top of the stairs came to a narrow hallway with two rooms at each end and another two room on the wall across from the stairs. On the wall to the left of the stairs was a disgusting bathroom with a big tub with a weird red stain and a small sink that was rusty like the one in the kitchen. One of the rooms at the end of the hallway was a weird shape b/c the closet stuck out right next to the door so the room was sorta “C” shaped. When you would walk around the closet wall there was a hole in the ceiling that we just assumed went to an attic. It wasn’t creepy when we first started going in it but over time stuff would happen.

This story in particular involved me, my best friend and her cousin (my boyfriend at the time). We were all downstairs and they were both pissing me off for some reason; I was probably in an irritated mood. But b/c I was irritated I went upstairs to get away from them and calm down. While I was up there I went into the room right across from the stairs and looked out the window. I swore I heard them both come up the stairs but later realized they didn’t. I didn’t hear them walk into a room but I heard moving around in the C shaped room right next to the room I was in. I assumed they must’ve gone in there looking for me. When I assumed they were looking for me I hid by laying up against the wall next to the doorway so if they looked in the room they wouldn’t see me. I heard someone come stomping out of the C room and down the hall toward the room at the other end. But I didn’t hear moving around after that. A few seconds go by and I’m still against the wall when I heard my friend and my boyfriend calling my name saying “The cops are here!” as a joke to try and scare me. I ran down stairs believing them and we all jump out the big window. Obviously there were no cops but I asked them how they got downstairs so quick n they said that they never went upstairs. My chest felt empty and my eyes started to tear up. I asked if they were kidding b/c it wasn’t funny at all and they said they weren’t joking around. I never went anywhere in the house alone ever again.

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I’ve come across these entities before!… from what I’ve seen… erm… I mean heard… they don’t usually follow with any kind of psychic attack… so besides snakes and building damage you probably weren’t in any real danger… negative entities feed off attention and the most effective way to do that is through fear. That’s all… but if you go back maybe carry some Black Tourmaline with you or bring some white sage to burn after youve exited the house to discourage any further attempts from the entity.


Sounds like a classic ghost story to me. That’s a good thing