Ghost in the Girls bathroom

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First of all , I’ve had weird encounters with the paranormal, the island I’m from is haunted so it doesn’t really scare me .

I’ve watched a small plastic ball bounce down each stair and i just looked at it.

But this one was by far the scariest encounter I’ve ever had.

I went to school in a rural town, quite old. So I was no stranger to seeing things out of the corner of my eye
So one day , when I was about 8 , I was in elementary school, and the school board was doing renovations to the school, and on this particular day , I went into the girls washroom , keeping in mind that i never went into public bathrooms because of all the ghost stories we where told that revolved around the K-3 grade bathrooms, both boys and girls, like the bloody mary stories and the candyman stories. It was scary when you hear the stories all the time .
I was washing my hands and I heard something, so naturally I looked behind me, glancing at the stalls . I took a good sized breath and gathered my courage to ask if anyone was there but all that came out was a quiet squeak. I turned back to wash my hands and I heard the same thing, it was the most godawful, creepiest laughter I’ve ever heard . And it sounded close , I jumped and looked around , checking to see if it was one of the other girls , no one was there. So I went to the paper towel and began to dry my hands when I heard that same horror movie laughter again , and the lights in the bathroom went out. Needless to say I practically flew out of that bathroom and never used it again .

Years later , I still wont go near a public bathroom because I dont want to hear that laugh again .

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