Ghost At The Alamo

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This takes place about 10 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. It was about a week before Halloween when my dad surprised me and my brothers that we were gonna go on a ghost tour. At this point in my life I was intrigued by the paranormal, however I was highly skeptical of it and the stories told, but I was about to get a formal introduction in this field. Night fall came and we met up with a group of people who were going to take the tour with us. The tour started at the Alamo Cenotaph Monument, which sits majestically (Texan pride, sorry) about 200 feet from the main entrance from the Alamo. We were greeted by the tour guide, who was dressed up like Indiana Jones, and began to walk westward, away from the Alamo.
Something struck me as odd about this guide. Why would he need an overly large backpack and a foldable chair for a short tour? Well fast forward towards the end of the tour. We stop at the long barracks, near the entrance, and the guide pulls out a tripod from what I thought was a foldable chair case. From his backpack he takes out a thermal camera and proceeds to tell us about a ghost that roams the barracks. He points the camera down the breezeway and tells us that if you call the ghost by name, he’ll manifest himself, but more often reveals himself to the call of a woman. I forgot the name of the ghost but for the sake of the story, we’ll call him Johnny. A woman volunteered to call out Johnny, she called his name three times, all the while I’m looking at the camera screen pointed at the wall. What I saw fascinated me about the paranormal, that it’s real.
From around the corner, I saw a green figure slowly come into view from the blue background. I looked up from the screen to see that there was no one in the breezeway, but looking back at the screen the figure was still there. I told my brother to walk in front of the camera to make sure that it wasn’t just a recording of someone else, but he popped up as red-white on the screen. When he walked back, the figure slowly retreated back around the corner. This was the first time I could firmly say that I saw a ghost with my own eyes, so to speak, but I still remain skeptical to other people’s stories, not saying I don’t believe them, I just have to experience as well. However, I would come to find out how haunted downtown San Antonio really is several years later.

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Ah Halloween… as I’ve just experienced myself the hunter’s moon that aligns with this festivity really helps to bring out the paranormal… in all the wrong ways…