Garden Gargoyle

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I used to live near a really creepy old woman, I believe someone else lived there with her, but I’d never seen them around, or really ever seen them. I was in the 5th grade around this time as well, and I walked home from school.

One day I was walking home from a long day of school, and keep in mind I walk past this lady’s home.

I snagged a glance at the lady’s lawn. There’d always been this crappy little fence around their yard, not sure why, but anyway I looked towards the yard. A man probably around 30-40 years old was walking around the yard fixing all the little nick nacks that had been spread across it recently, things like those fake flamingoes and such. I can’t really remember exactly what was there. The man was brushing dirt off this disgusting little gargoyle they had on the porch. I always hated that thing. It had been there when I moved in, and still there that day.

I searched for gargoyle’s on random shopping websites and found the one they owned on Wayfair. I’m not even sure it’s still for sale on there. I was also 90 percent sure that thing was cursed. I don’t know a lot about gargoyles, neither what exactly their purpose is. But I do know one thing.

That thing was evil.

I remember some details of the gargoyle, it had eyes that seemed to follow you. The stone it was carved was dark, almost black. It had small wings, disproportionate to its body. It also had little horns and small legs with large claws. No arms. It basically looked like the type of crappy Halloween decoration you could buy at the mall or Walmart. It was that time of year.

That memory brings me to the real story. After a few days, I had forgotten about the man and the gargoyle.

It was late in the night, I was hadn’t been able to sleep so I had taken some medicine. I was waiting for it to kick in while watching Youtube. Around, 12 Pm I heard something that almost sounded like a rock hitting my window, ironic as it sounds. At first, I gave no thought to it, not even giving myself a classic explanation.

After I heard the sound again, I got up, then walked to the window and peeked through the blinds. I swear to god. I can’t even explain this. The little gargoyle was sitting on my front lawn, looking directly into my eyes. I couldn’t scream.

I always thought of myself as a brave person, stories didn’t scare me, and hardly anything did. But at this moment, it all felt too real.

The thing crawled towards the window, I hadn’t moved yet. Things starting going from too real to feeling like a horrible nightmare. This might not sound too scary to you but, what really scared me was the fact that my neighbors owned this thing. And these neighbors were creepy as hell. The old lady never spoke to me. Just watched if I happened to walk by when she was out.

Honestly, this hunk of stone was a whole over creeper fucker. I hated it even more after that night. I took a few steps back, not wanting to watch it crawl towards me. I knew that thing could break my window with its leg, or wing or even its head like a kid throwing a rock. Everything after that was a blur. But I woke up at home.

To this day, I walk past that statue on the way home. Constantly wondering if that was a dream, or real.

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