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This is the story from when my younger sister and I were home alone one day. For some quick background information, we lived in a rural area in New Mexico, just outside a certain small mining town that was named for its silver. Our house sat in the middle of the forest and it wasn’t uncommon to see wildlife there, which will explain my thoughts later on in the story.
At the time I was a 14 year old boy who didn’t like leaving home much, I was, and still am, very much an introvert after all. So, on the day my parents were eager to spend the night at a cabin and enjoy the hotsprings that were about an hour out of town for their anniversary, I made it clear that I’d be staying home instead with my then 12 year old sister. Let me just say that it wasn’t the first time we’d been left alone, after all, we did know how to take care of ourselves by then. Our parents trusted that we wouldn’t do anything stupid and so they packed up and loaded the car happily. We watched them drive away from the front at about 1:00 pm and then continued our day as usual.
It was pretty normal at first, we just confined ourselves to our rooms as usual and entertained ourselves until night came around. I made nice dinner for the two of us then, steak, bread, broccoli, that kind of meal. We were in a great mood, having the house and getting the huge t.v. all to ourselves, it had us excited. We are both massive fans of anime, so we popped in a new dvd that I’d bought to watch on the big screen while we ate dinner. It seemed like the perfect night and we were satisfied.
We sat there for several hours watching our show, it was about 11:00 pm when my sister began to feel uneasy. I told her that she was probably just uncomfortable being home alone without our parents and urged her to just keep watching, but the uneasiness only grew, in her and in myself. It wasn’t long before we heard clicking, not very loud clicking but we did hear it over the t.v. nonetheless. I turned the sound up in response to the annoying sound and we both tried to forget about it. We didn’t last more than half an episode when the sound grew even louder, it was more frantic now and I was irritated. My sister jabbed me in the side and stared at the garage door.
” Someone is trying to break in”
she hissed at me, but I just told her that she was being paranoid, that it was probably just an animal that trapped itself in there and turned the sound up even more. At this point the t.v. was so loud that it would easily be heard from outside, yet the frantic clicking still got louder. Only when the last episode finished and the menu appeared on screen, playing it’s loud title screen music, did I look towards the garage door. The clicking had now become a banging sound and I could see that the handle was turning rapidly. My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach and I gazed in absolute horror at the door. I turned the sound down and the noise was incredibly loud, much louder than I initially thought. My sister remarked a quick “told you so” and began to check the other doors to ensure that they were also locked.
I got off the couch and I instantly felt the harsh vibrations on the floor. I was in utter disbelief, the door was moving back and forth and I could hear the metal of the lock clashing against the door frame. The vibrations were so strong they travled several feet in my direction. I remember thinking that whatever was in the garage had to be massive and maybe not even human because there was no way that that door could be so close to breaking like that. It was quite a few inches thick and there were two steel locks on it. I was so scared of what was on the other side. I made the decision to retreat to my bedroom with all four of our cats and my sister in tow.
I locked my door and called my father immediately. He instructed me to do three things,
1.) Get his revolver from his room
2.)Scream that we were calling police
3.) Let the dog outside and lock the door.

I did as told and retrieved the gun from his room. I then faced the door and yelled; this seemed to do worse, the attempt to get in was only made stronger by my announcement. I backed up and ran to grab the dog. We had a very intimidating dog, a large male dogue debordeaux, weighing well over one hundred pounds, If you’ve seen Turner and Hooch, that’s the dog. I let him out and waited for him to do something, anything; but nothing came from it, he stuck to the other side of the front door, shaking and whining in fear. If the enormous dog was scared then so was I!
I let him in and returned to my room. Our parents had called the police but they would be a while. So we sat in silence on the carpet, waiting for our parents or the police. The noises did eventually halt around 1:00 am and our parents arrived home. I passed out after that and when morning came, I felt sick when I learned something. My father had checked the garage over that day, it was empty of anyone, leaving only a wonky lock as evidence; but that’s not the part that terrified me. The thing that made me petrified was that everything was there. There was no missing items, despite the large quantity of expensive tools and foreign artifacts, the culprit took nothing.
Which means, the thing outside was here for us, and that is something I’ll never forget. I’m not sure if it was a massive person or some kind of monster but whatever it was, it wanted to harm us and I have always checked my doors ever since.

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