Footsteps on the roof

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First of all, I am a skeptic person. I’ve been to several famous locations that is known for their haunts such as the St. Augustine lighthouse, Castillo de San Marco, and LC-34 (Apollo 1) at Cape Canaveral Airforce Station to name a few, and I have never experienced anything. That’s the kind of background I want to give you, but like anyone else, I do like a good ghost story.

I used to work as an overnight supervisor at a small international airport in Florida, and at this point, I have been there several years. At night, there is usually two of us working, taking care of general aviation aircraft and the occasional late commercial aircrafts. The work was easy, and if we have no flights, it is usually a night of Netflix and goofing off with the airport cops. A typical night usually consist of security checks of hangars and cleaning the office when we have no aircrafts to take care of.

One night in particular I will not forget. It did start out as a quiet night, and we did get all of our work done by 11pm. I just returned from the fuel farms and my co-worker Jon wanted to get out of the office for a bit. I let him go do the hangar checks of our hangars, so I gave him the keys to the truck and he went off. So I put on a movie on Netflix.

Little over an hour later, he returned, and he looked weirded out. He told me that he was hearing footsteps going back and forth on the hanger roof of our executive hangar. As usual, I was skeptical and thinking he and one of the airport cops were trying to pull one over on me by getting me to go to the hangar, but I did not bite and I continued watching Netflix and Youtube for most of the night.

Around 3am, I started to get a little stir crazy and decided to drive around the airfield. This particular night, nothing was moving. The airport PD, and operations were already in their hiding places taking their nightly naps. As I was driving, I decided to head over to the executive hangar that is on the other side of the airport. As I was approaching, I was paying attention to the roof, and I could not see anyone or anything on top of it, so I was thinking it was a prank.

I pulled in front of the hangar door and entered the hangar. The first thing I noticed that it was dead silent in there. I am not hearing the usual creaking noises that the hanger usually makes. I could not even hear the air compressor on the other side of the hanger making its usual hissing sound. The only thing in the hanger is a private jet of a NFL owner that I shall not mention. I decided to check the offices, and make sure everything is “secured.”

I did my usual checks of the executive offices of the hanger, and everything is normal in there. Nothing was out of place and I did a little clean up in there, re-organizing magazines, and doing a quick clean of the restrooms. In all it took 10 minutes. After I finished, I stepped out into the hangar on my way back to the truck. As I reached the nose of the aircraft (approx. 5ft from the executive door) that is when I heard footsteps on the roof. It started from the main hangar doors (where I parked my truck), one… two… three… each step was slow, pronounced and loud. Four… five… and kept going until it stopped right above me. Then it was dead silent again, not a sound at all. I waited for a few minutes to see if anyone IS up there. I knew if there was I will be able to hear them. But these steps, I could hear echo throughout the hangar.

After a few moments, I decided to run out the executive offices to the street side entrance to the hangar. I could see beams of light from the ramp over the top of the hangar, and if someone was up there, I will at least see the shadow, but there is nothing. I checked the sides for a tall ladder, but nothing. The hangar is about 40ft tall, and if there is a ladder, I will be able to see it, but there is nothing.

I decided to go back into the hanger, and it was still dead silent. I walked from one end to another, and nothing. At this point, I cannot explain what was going on. At this point, I have given up. I left the hanger and hopped back into the truck and drove away. The whole time looking at the hangar as I was driving away.

I got back to the office and told John my experience. The only thing out of his mouth at the time is “uh, huh, now you believe me.” I kind of laughed it off, but knowing that I may had my first paranormal experience at the airport. After that, we did have some unexplained experiences around our offices, but they were minor. A few instances were the automatic doors opening and closing. Another co-worker seeing movements in one of the locked offices. It wasn’t long after that incident I became a commercial supervisor on the evening shift. When I do talk to the night shift, they have not experienced anything.

If there is anything you can take away from this, you never know what is out there. There is some things out there that you cannot explain. You can be in the most haunted places in the world, and not experience anything, and be in the least haunted place you can think of, and something happens.

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