Footsteps on the Ceiling

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I have never forgotten this night, and what I experienced. Because of that night, I am careful about messing around with anything to do with the spirit world.

The two story house I lived in was converted into 2 apartments. At the time, I lived with a boyfriend in the second floor apartment. It was an old house with hardwood floors, old decor, and an attic. The attic had one of those folding stairs that pulled down from a hatch in the ceiling. The attic was not much more than cross beams and old pink insulation packed between. We didn’t use the attic at all except to show friends our “creepy” attic for fun.

Once in awhile I would wake up to use the bathroom at night. I had always been scared of the dark, even now, once in awhile I get that old creepy feeling. I had to walk past the hallway leading to the kitchen to get to the bathroom, and every time I did, I would get the feeling there was something there. I would convince myself that my imagination was getting the best of me.

One night before THE night, I was in the bathroom already, when I heard some strange creaking sounds. They seemed to come from the hallway beside the bathroom. I instantly stopped breathing and listened intently. Yes! That was a creak on the floorboards, for sure. My boyfriend was sleeping in the bedroom, and I felt too silly to call out to him for help, so I built up my courage to make a dash for my room. The moment I stepped out of the bathroom. “RRAWR!!” I screamed, lashed out with fists at the dark monster that jumped out of the dark scary hallway, and…

“OW! Damn!!” My boyfriend exclaimed. “OMG!! Are you alright?” I asked my now deservingly bruised “monster” man. We both had a good laugh and went back to bed. As we laughed about the prank and talked a bit before getting back to sleep, we heard footsteps upstairs. We both stopped talking and listened. They stopped as soon as we stopped talking, and we agreed it was weird but probably from the downstairs apartment, not the upstairs attic.

A week later, we had some friends over. We were all chatting away when the topic of the paranormal came up. As we were sharing stories, we thought we heard footsteps upstairs again. Everyone stopped talking, and we clearly heard footsteps walk across my living-room ceiling, to the hallway and towards the kitchen. All my friends were excited and wanted to go see the attic. So, we went to the attic. Nothing was there. It was so creepy I had trouble sleeping.

Every week or so, we would hear the footsteps that were so clearly on the ceiling, it was scary. I wanted to move, and had spent a few days at my friends house. My boyfriend decided to talk to his mother about the sounds. “Mrs. M” was a self-proclaimed medium. She wanted to come over to get a feel for the house. I was not so keen on the idea, but they decided it would be best.

The night that I will never forget, Mrs. M had come over and walked around the apartment and attic to get the “feel” of the house. She decided a seance would help. I did not like that idea at all, but I saw no way of getting out of it. We all sat on the bedroom floor together in candlelight as she called out the typical questions. “Who are you? What do you want?” Mrs. M began to tell us that she felt a very dark presence, when a really loud glass clanking and smashing came from the kitchen. So loud, it made me scream and I began to cry. Once it was over, we all got up and walked cautiously to the kitchen to find out what the sound was.

Our bedroom was beside the kitchen, where a wall and pantry was located. We had a collection glass bottles in the pantry. The floor of the pantry was so full of bottles, the folding door just barely closed. These bottles were all standing, and had no room at all to “fall over”. The bottles were all toppled over, with a few broken. The pantry door was partially open. I stared in horror and exchanged a glance to my boyfriend who knew what I meant. Then we all heard the footsteps on the ceiling walk down the hallway from the kitchen to the attic stairs.

I was so afraid I grabbed my purse and jacket and went to Mrs. M’s car outside. I felt like I was being watched the whole time. I tried to explain away what had happened in that apartment, but nothing I came up with convinced me. We moved out a week later.

Today, I actively ignore anything “paranormal” and refuse to have even an Ouija board in my home. I believe there is an invisible spirit world, and it can stay that way.

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