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I am a firefighter in Sheffield England I wont tell you which station.

I was on the night shift when we got a call to a house fire and people trapped inside we responded code 3 lights and series in the night air.

when we arrived there (I wont tell you the street name) we started work on the fire I was going inside to find the people inside with my friend about 10 minutes in to this search I heard someone behind me thinning it was a parson I turned around to help them.

when I turned around my radio started to play up and I couldn’t talk to anyone because that was my only way of help if needed I was trapped inside I saw something move fast thought the smoke and what I saw.

and what I saw was like looking at the devil him self nothing but black and red eyes it looked at me telling me to GET OUT and I KILL YOU TOO my friend walk thought it and after that it disappeared we then went up to the top floor and went to find more people.

after finding 12 people in one room I made sure they got out alive and went back up to find my friend and partner we was about to leaf when he stop still and asked for help I tried my best to help him but.

but nothing I could do could have helped him I heard laughing and looked around to find where it was coming from and I saw it again but this time it was just fire and green eyes my friend saw it and it snap his neck then fire consuming him this thing that kill my friend saw I had see this before. (this was my first call out being new)

on another call I couldn’t do anything apart from saying  what the f are you and why did you do this the demon that I will call fire devil because you didn’t help me I didn’t know what this thing was saying after getting out I told my chief firefighter she said that she was sorry for what happened to him and me and told me to take some time off.

so if any of you know this thing and have any help for me to get rid of this please tell me and thank you

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