Firefighter and His Only Child

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My uncle is a registered firefighter with all certificates for everything possible. He always told us that it was hard for him to help save people that couldn’t respond to his voice such as babies but he would save anyone because it was his job. We never thought that this advice would soon about to kill him inside.

This is something sort of a sad story but it includes a very creepy person. Names have been changed because even after five years it still haunts my dreams. I will start off at the birth of my Uncle (lets name him Logan) first child (name is Steve). As teen parents we all knew that it would be rough but with everyone’s help they would make it. Steve was born healthy and his mother stayed the normal amount of time in the hospital after his birth.

After Steve’s birth everything went on as normal but everyone but myself had taken many pictures with him something that I now regret.  The little family Logan, Lilly and,(Steve’s mother) had even had professional pictures done. We are all thankful for the pictures now that we look back. (This is the part of the story that gets sad but introduces the creepy person). Lilly’s mother was a very unhappy person about the fact that her teenage daughter had gotten pregnant. After the baby’s birth she acted as if she was happy but everyone knew she was faking. She hated the child and had even told Lilly that she wished that Lilly told her about sleeping without the condom so she could have got the morning after pill.

After eighteen days after Steve’s birth something terrible happened. The reports say that the Steve died from SIDs (Sudden Infant Death). This might break your heart but this is two types of stories combined Firefighter and Creepy Person. My uncle had tried to revive the baby with everything in him. He even tried until the coroner, police, and ambulance arrived. They was staying at Lilly’s mothers house. Yes, the women who hated the baby. As a firefighter my uncle said that he wished he had died in a house fire than see the death of his child.

Logan and everyone in the family to this day still believe that it was her mother. She has been cleared from the case and as I said the report called it SIDs. My Uncle and Lilly had another child named Stephanie. Her mother was yet again disappointed but took more interest in Stephanie. Lilly’s mother had wanted a son because she had three girls Lilly being the oldest. After Steve passed away she had a son and tried to reconnect with Lilly. I don’t know what ever happen to their realationship becasue Lilly and Logan have long split.

Sometimes being a firefighter is a hard job with saving people from fires, save people from drowning, etc. As a firefighter you never suspect that one day you would have to save your own new born child. Even before Steve had passed away I always had a bad feeling about Lilly’s mother. As far as I can tell no one in my family liked or likes Lilly’s mother. Always keep an eye on people who are jealous of a baby because you never know what will happen. I don’t know for sure what happen to Steve but I know being the firefighter that Logan is not being able to save his own child has about killed him even after all of these years.

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I feel bad for clarifying such a sad story but you really confused me in the beginning. Towards the end things cleared up but I want to make sure I’m right. Okay Logan is your Uncle, he’s married to Lily and they had a son named Steve. Lily’s mother was unnamed and also the “creepy person.” The way you worded it was so confusing that I thought Steven was the oldest, Logan the youngest and Lily was unknown relationship wise. I’m sorry your Uncle lost his child, especially being the one unable to revive him with all his skills and the uncertainty if Lily’s Mom being the one to take his life. Not a creepy story but a sad and dangerous one.