feathered woman

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ON May 2nd,2016 Me,Mom and my two little sisters came back home from the park because i have left the basketball in my room because my coach forgot his.I remember seeing a massive figure casting a shadow bigger than the car i was in,i lost the creature and i brushed it off as if i saw a crow or something and when i came back out with my ball the shadow was there still and i looked up the creature was perched on top of the roof staring and following my every move but,when i try to see its facial features all i can see is its uncomfortably deep eyes with some what of a light grey color.I ran towards the car and i stuttered trying to explain to her but it never came out.My mom opened the door and me as well,we both walked to were i saw it but it was gone and my mom said we will just stay for the day and as we got the girls out we both stood still looking at each other as if we both saw the same thing and once we got back in control we slowly walked to the house door that was left open.We both jumped in fear when it started to fly out of sight behind the house we rushed in and i noticed the back door was ripped from the door frame so, when i told my mom e both had placed our hands over their mouths and we were holding so tight our hands got sweaty,when we got into the closest room we were going to hide in there until i was about to close the door i had seen the most horrifying figure now slouching over the car,I can now see its features its body was like a big bird with massive wings and a old woman’s dry,and plane face,it after i got a good look,i slammed the door and we were in there till the next morning.After what it seemed like days we felt that it was safe enough to get out and as soon as i had exit the room,everything was knocked over as if it had came in the house,a week later we still see those massive shadows following..our every move

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