Fast Food Isn’t Fun Food

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This story happened on my little brother’s birthday. My mother was going through a rough patch of a divorce, so we had to rely on fast food a lot. We were actually going after his party, to Chick Fil A whenever this happened, and we had just got in when it got creepy.

The first major creepy thing that happened, was this man coming up behind my mom and I. We thought at first that he would just get in line, so my mom and I kept looking forward.

Then the man began to speak to us, nothing really creepy at first, just a casual hello.

The thing that came next was rather shocking. Now before I continue, I must mention the age I was at the time. I was around nine years old, and my younger brother was six years old. We have that weird age gap thing, at times I’m three years older than him, and at other times I’m only two years older. Back to the story.

He had already begun to draw closer to my mom and me and had become more touchy.

He has his hand on my mom’s shoulder and he acted like he knew my mom and me. People began to notice, and my Aunt who was in the play part with my brother was staring. He even began to compliment me on how pretty I was, and I knew something was up.

We had gotten our food shortly later, getting my Aunt and my brother, and going to a seat in the restaurant, away from the creepy guy. Later we heard some commotion and noises outside, and we naturally, being people, looked out the window.

We saw the man who was detained, in handcuffs. We noisily, as we went out, went slowly so we could hear what was going on. Apparently, he was on parole for a kidnapping and had a parole violation, by interacting with his victim. (Violation of a restraining order I guess).

I don’t know if this man was just being kind, or if he had planned more with my mom and I. I can’t say I hate Chick Fil A now, I can eat me some chicken nuggets all day, but I am now more aware.

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