What is Darkness Prevails?

Darkness Prevails is a team of YouTubers consisting of the channels Darkness Prevails, Mortis MediaJoey’s Nightmares and Shivers. Darkness Prevails is a horror community where fear lovers (such as yourself, I presume) can enjoy reading true encounters with the paranormal, sightings of strange creatures, or good ol’ fashioned creepypasta. You can also submit your own stories, whether they are true experiences or short horror fiction. This website is home to the Darkness Prevails YouTube channel that you can find here.

Why Should I Submit a Story?

Submitted stories that are approved will be published to our website where they can be read by the world and voted on! Also, approved stories may be narrated on one of ourYouTube channels and included in Future eBooks! If your story appears in an eBook, you’ll receive a copy of that eBook FREE.

When Do I Get my Free eBook?

There is no publication date for eBooks. We simply create and publish them once we have enough stories submitted and approved. So, basically, you fans write the books and bring this horror to life!

Will I Know if my Submission was Approved?

We will contact you ONLY if your story is approved. We will not contact you any further if we decide to narrate or publish your story in a book, but we WILL contact you with your link to the eBook that your story will be featured in (IF your story gets featured).

Why Wouldn’t you Publish a Submission?

Depending on the category, a story submission must pass a small checklist.

For True Stories –

  • Must be Believable (Not obviously made up or a situation that was not at all scary/paranormal). Stories do NOT have to be paranormal in nature. Just scary.
  • Must be well written. You don’t have to write like the next great novelist, but I will quickly skip a story that doesn’t use proper punctuation and has numerous misspelled words.
  • Must be original. I will not accept copied works.

For Creepypasta –

  • Must be written well with minimum spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Must be serious and scary. I don’t want any comedic stories or Crappypasta.

Who are you?

I am the host of the Darkness Prevails channel and author of a few of the creepypasta here. I love narrating true scary stories and creepypasta, and I just love the paranormal. The world is so much bigger than we think it is – There’s always a lot of terrifying stuff going on, and I want to know about it.

I live in Arkansas with my beautiful Wife and way too many dogs. I enjoy gaming of every variety and eventually hope to showcase some gameplays on the Darkness Prevails Channel.