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I’m a 15 year old female, but when this happened I was 13 and living in a small town called Aldinga Beach. I’m from South Australia and stuff like this happened all the time.

I was home alone with my younger sister during the Christmas holidays and it was boiling outside. I had left the front door open so I could cool down the house. My dad had just left for work but before he left he told my sister and I that a package would be arriving at the house around 12.

At 10:30 my sister noticed a white van doing laps around our street and was starting to get scared. I told her it was probably the delivery driver and that he was just lost. A few minutes later the van stopped and a big tall man hopped out. I looked out the front door and saw he was knocking on everyones doors. I quickly closed the front door because at that age I wasn’t allowed to answer it when home alone. After knocking on everyones doors he got back into the van and left.

It was around 12 now and my sister was getting hungry. She was yelling at me about wanting food. She was so loud the anyone out the front would be able to hear her. Just then there was a knock at the door and a gruff sounding msn shouted, “I’ve got you’re package.” this was unusual because the delivery drivers would normally just put the package down on the welcome mat then leave. they never knocked and they NEVER called out.

I prayed he hadn’t heard my sister yelling and would think nobody was home, but he soon started knocking again. this time his knocking was more violent, he was bashing the door with his fist as hard as he could.

I went to the hallway cupboard to look at the cameras that showed the front door. the man didn’t have a package and was wearing a polo shirt and cargo pants, instead of the normal jeans and button up blue shirt. My sister came running up to me saying he was picking the lock on our side fence door. I looked out the window and sure enough he was trying to break the lock on the side door. I also noticed on the road out front the same van from earlier, but the guy on our porch wasn’t the same man from earlier.

he walked back to the van after failing to open either doors. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he was leaving, but he soon came back with an angry look on his face. He walked up to the front window and said, “I know you’re in there” “come on open up”

he then continued to say similar things while trying to open the front door. My sister started crying when he got through the screen door. it would take no effort for him to get through the main front door, so I decide to call my dad.

when he answered I told him everything that was happening and asked if i should call the cops. my dad said he was on his way and not the call the cops unless the guy broke anything else.

once i hung up, i looked back to the front door but the guy was gone. he had moved to the windows at the front of the house and wad leaning all of his weight into them. he had broken the front screen door, busted the side door lock and was about to burst every window in the front room. i got my phone back out ready to call triple zero, but then i heard my dads car.

the man out front must of as well because he started running back to the van and was soon speeding down the road. my dad didn’t leave the house again that day and was very cautious when leaving us home alone. my dads had ordered something online and it must have been a scam those men set up, because nobody ever arrived with a package for my dad.

Luckily that guy never came back and my sister and I weren’t harmed. I just hope that guy hasn’t succeeded in hurting anyone else.

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