Evil Spirit or Wendigo

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I was about 12 years old at the time of this story, and I still don’t fully understand what happened to us.

When I was in grade 6 I met a kid named Brodie. We were into the same games and he was already friends with my best friend masen. So after we talked for a few weeks at school and hug out during lunch he started inviting us over on the weekends to play playstation 2 and watch movies. We started hanging out all the time and we were introduced to his friends from town.

Let me go back a bit and just say we were from a rural community outside if a decent sized town with about 50 thousand people in northeastern Ontario Canada, we went to public school with around 80 or 90 kids and the kids from the city went to a catholic school with more than 150 kids which blew our minds at the time.

We would all play manhunt in the woods and field near Brodie’s house (for those who don’t know manhunt is what we call hide and seek tag or army tag), his property was great for this because he had acres of woods and a long hilly field just to. The side if his house. we would wait until it was pitch black out, grab flashlights and run around all year long, yes even in the freezing Canadian winters we would dress up in snow pants and huge jackets just to hide in the snow.

The first encounter I had with this “entity” was the winter after I had started hanging out with them. There was 5 of us, Me, Masen,Brodie and John and Travis (our city friends). , We were bored and decided to go for a late night walk in the moonlight, it was so bright we didn’t need flashlights, in fact the moonlight always seemed really bright at Brodie’s house now that I think about it.

We walked for probably 15 minutes before we came to a small clearing by a pond, there were large piles of grass and brush buried by snow and we thought they may have been dens of some kind but we weren’t sure. We were talking about God knows what (probably call of duty modern warfare 2 or something) when we could hear branches breaking probably a hundred yards away, we stopped talking and looked around, we thought it may have been a coyote or a fisher or something so we decided to walk back to his house. On the way back we heard it following us from 50 yards.

Or so back, slinking through the brush quietly, you could only hear it if you really stopped and listened. We got scared from noise of it so we decided to loudly sing to try to scare it off, that may seem kinda silly or stupid but we were scared and remembered a presentation we saw in bears about using loud noises to scare them off. We got back to Brodie’s house and warmed up with some hot chocolate by fireplace, still a little freaked out.

Now when the summer came we all decided we were going to make a fort. Now at that house there was a strange phenomena, in the woods time past slower, you’d go out for what felt like hours and hours but minutes would pass in reality anyways, We found the foundation of an old cabin off the side of Brodie’s field and dug up where the doorway once stood ripping up old piles of logs that once made up the threshold of the place, that is what I think angered whatever spirits were there. That same summer we were all standing in Brodie’s front yard in the dark, just talking about either what we were going to do that night or what we did all week or whatever, whatever the case we were standing and chatting, when we looked around and noticed Travis had disappeared. He did stuff like this all time, he would hide when nobody was looking and make us look for him. I remember thinking it was annoying but still a little funny just because of how childish it was. We split up into 2 groups of Me and masen, and Brodie and John, we went down to the field and the other group checked the woods.

Me and Masen walked down the field and scanned the area with our trusty LED flashlights while yelling things like “come on Travis!” or “fuck off! Get out here!“. we walked for a couple minutes before we saw what appeared to be our friend lying face first in the grass. He had on a brown or black sweater and had brown hair just like Travis, Masen yelled “I see you Travis! “ and we started to run over to him. What appeared to be Travis got up and bolted into the woods vanishing as soon as he hit the underbrush, that second we heard Brodie and John yell “found him! “. We got up to the house and they went on the tell us that he was hidden between the car and the truck and Travis said he was there the whole time joking about how we walked right by him and never even saw him. We asked him if that was him in the field and he said it wasn’t, but it couldn’t have been anyway, he would have been able to run like 300 meters a second. Needless to say we were pretty shook.

Now after a while all that happened was odd lights in the sky and the occasional electric flickering in his house. We were outside the following winter, so about a year after we all were followed by that thing. We were standing outside to get away from a party inside that was running long and was honestly painfully boring, we were standing on the dirt road when all of a sudden our friend who had an insulin pump, started complaining about it not working, I reached into. My pocket and tried to use my flashlight that was in the bottom of my walky talky but it didn’t work either, after about a minute of fucking around, my walky talky and her pump started working again at once, followed by the loud bang of a rock hitting a stop sign at the end of his driveway, I shone my light at it and saw it was shaking from the impact of whatever was thrown. That made us all run inside screaming about what had just happened.

The final experience I had with this “spirit” was in the spring or fall, I can’t quite remember exactly, I remember it was raining a lot and decently warm, warm enough you didn’t need a coat or anything, maybe a sweater. Me and Masen were at Brodie’s house chasing him around with a foam nerf sword, he ran out the door and we lost sight of him.

Me and Masen ran down his road and we could hear bushes shaking , he could see the rustling underbrush in the ditch down towards the field, we hopped into the trench and yelled for Brodie to come out so we could wail on him with the sword (which we’d carried all the way out there). We looked all around the brush to find him but we couldn’t anything at all, it was starting to rain really hard and it was probably about 9 pm so we decided to go go inside and wait for him to come in. When we got to Brodie’s house we saw him sitting in a chair beside his house, he said he turned the corner to fake us out and went right back to the door.

We thought that was odd because of what we had heard in the woods. It began raining harder and Brodie told us he was going to go and have a shower inside, Masen said that we were going to stay out and enjoy the rain for a bit so he went inside. Me and Masen stood on the road looking straight down the road towards a big hill that was right before his house.

A extremely thick fog began to roll in and we thought that it was a little eerie. I looked at Masen and noticed he was staring deeply down the road and very intently. I took a look and then I saw the single most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life, it was the figure of a man, a tall dark bluey black silhouette heading towards us at about 200 yards away. It had to be at least 6 foot 5 and it was slowly gliding in our direction.

I turned to Masen and I said something to the effect of “do you see that?!” and he nodded. “the shadow guy heading this way?” he nodded again, “dude we have to go I feel sick” I said, and it was true, I had a disgusting, warm,nauseous feeling in my gut and I wanted to leave. Masen kept staring directly down the road towards it, it had disappeared at the non visible (from where we were standing) bottom of the hill. I told masen we had to leave and he still wouldn’t budge, I grabbed his arm and forced him towards door, I remember him saying “nobody has ever been killed by a ghost! “ and I said “I don’t want to be the first one!”.

We Finally got inside and the fog enveloped Brodie’s whole yard and you couldn’t see thing out the windows.

Brodie moved soon after that and we haven’t seen anything like that since. I’m usually skeptical but I have no explanation for any of that. Now this was probably 6 years ago so I don’t remember everything but those things were impossible to forget. I don’t know what is in those woods, A wendigo, an evil spirit, a demon,. I’m not sure, but it doesn’t like people that’s for sure.

It looked exactly like my friend and took the form of a shadow person like apparition or maybe that was it’s true form, I always had a hard time falling asleep there if I was close to a window, I always felt like someone or something was out there watching me.

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