Estonian Werewolf Sighting

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I live near Võru linn, in a quiet village called Loosu in South Estonia.

During autumn me and my mum went to pick mushrooms. We went deep in to Loosu forest.

After a few hours of looking for and picking mushrooms, I said to my mum that I´m gonna go home. I started walking out of the forest. Then about 20 meters away from me, I heard rustling in the bushes.

I looked, feeling anxious.

And then, about 10 meters from tree to tree I saw a wolf walking. But the part that scared me the most was that the wolf, walked like a human. It didn´t see me so I sneaked to my mum. I knew that she wouldn´t believe me, so i just said that I saw a wolf. My mum agreed to go home with me.

Now, when the 6 seconds of that werewolf walking from a tree to another tree, I´ve never ever felt more scared. I felt that I was a prey. It felt like 4 hours.

No one has ever believed me, after all, I´m only 12.


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I have no reason not to believe you…