Errr….sorry man, I didn’t mean to freak you out

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As I became conscious, I was acutely aware of two things:

1. it was completely dark and
2. The sound of dogs barking. Not just little yap yap dogs but big, rip-your-head off Alsatians or the like – and they were mad.

Suddenly a door slammed open and a light flicked on. A Doberman and an Alsatian, which were barely being restrained by a man, all tumbled in to the confined space that I’d ‘woken up’ in. I was in a store room underneath a stairway, exactly like Harry Potter’s bedroom, typical in English homes.

The dogs were going crazy like they’d caught an intruder and the man had a mixed look of incredulous disbelief, fear and what the fuck! I knew he could see me, well an outline of me anyway.

I suddenly realized that yeah, well, I was an intruder, and I had seriously freaked this guy out. To this day I’m sure there’s someone out there, that tells the story of the night his dogs went mental at the room under the stairway, and when he went in, he’d swear he saw a female ghost. I really hope he didn’t need counseling or his life wasn’t messed up by it or anything. It was just me.

You see in early 90’s, there was a big interest in broadening the mind from the western culture that I was brought up in – i.e. go to school, go to college, get a job, fall in love, get married, start it all over again with a family of your own, and completely ignore anything that doesn’t fit into any one of these boxes because that’s NOT real.

I’d found a book on astral traveling and thought I’d give it a go. I never imagined that it would actually work. But it did – on my first (and only) try.

I lay down and focused on my breathing and complete relaxation. I witnessed myself floating up toward the ceiling and knew that I wasn’t asleep. I went with it, but got lost and my spirit somehow found its way into this guy’s storeroom. When I saw the man and the dogs, I remembered what I was doing, and I was able to jump out, find my way back to my body and reconnect with myself again.

Yes astral traveling is very real, and super easy. Not all sightings of ghosts are of dead people.

To the man I freaked out that night – my humble apologies.

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