Engkanto(Enchanted People)

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This story is about one of the mythical creatures in the Philippines which is called “Engkanto”, engkanto are filipino fairy but they don’t look like a fairy, what I mean is they are not small and they don’t have wings, they are spirits who have the ability to appear in human form, some people who said they saw an engkanto describe them as good looking, elegant people, their skin is white and they have an eyes of a cat, they are magical but sinister than those fairytales we’ve heard, they have the power to put curse on people and the worst thing is if they like you, they might take you to their world.

There was a story about a young girl who actually went into one of the places of this spirits and the place she went to was a kingdom of an engkanto, which she said was owned by a legendary fairy named “Don Diego”as she went into the mysterious place she saw a lot of people that she didn’t know, she describe them as good looking people. One of these people is a man who is sitting in a golden throne with a golden scepter and a golden hat, it was don diego, when don Diego saw her, he sent her to a table full of food, in the table, there was three rice with different colors, there was white,red, and black, if you eat the white rice it means you can still go home, if you eat the red rice, it means you can’t, the black rice is worst because if you eat it, it means you can never go home because it means your one of them. She remember what her parents told her about not eating anything that is given to a stranger.she didn’t wanted to eat even though they are forcing her, about a minute later she had the idea to run as she was running she bump into one of the engkanto that is an old woman and beg her “Granny, I want to go home, let me go home” the old woman was kind so she gave her a direction, when she got home,that’s when she knew that she has been missing for three days. Her parents couldn’t talk to her for a week because she wouldn’t talk because of the incident. This story was only told to me and I wanted to share it to you because it was a true story, this story still give me chills till this day.

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