East Kentucky Goatman

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I’m a 14 year old boy living in eastern KY. Now I’m not gonna say the county I live in but it’s basically no mans land we have no towns, restruants or anything, just mountains so naturally we play in the mountains. Now this happened when I was 9 years old. Me and 3 other friends were gathering sticks, logs, and twine to build a fort with.

About 2 and a half hours later we had it done. Nothing speacil but not small. So we ran back to our house to get cap guns, since we were gonna play war, we gathered 7 cap pistols and 11 cap rifles. But when we got back to our fort it was torn down. We rebuilt it and played until sundown. But the next day is when it gets to the point of this story.

We were walking up the trail to the fort and when we finally got there we were terrified by what we found. Our fort was still in tact but we saw this thing, it had the body of a human up to the belly button then from there on up it was just goat. It was sitting on its knees, and there was something in front of it. We stood there for at least 2 minutes frozen in place by fear. Until one of us made a noise like a whimper and the thing turned around, its head was that of a goat just like I said and it preceded to stand up. Maybe it’s because we were short then, but it seemed at least 6 feet tall.

Pit began walking toward us, and being the kids we were started firing our cap guns (the caps we were using are extremely loud) in the air and apparently it didn’t like the loud piercing noice and it ran away into the mountains. And turns out the thing was eating a freshly killed buck. It’s guts were torn out, but what really freaked us out was it’s look. It’s face had this frozen look of terror, like its eyes were WIDE and its mouth was open like it was screaming. But we didn’t stay we ran back to the house and played there. I’ve never told anyone mainly because they’ll just laugh at me. I did some research a couple years after that and found out it was proubly the goat man since it’s been spotted around here a lot, all I want to say is I hope I never see it again. (We still play up there but when we do, we don’t just have cap guns we have a 30-06 Springfield and a 58 caliber Springfield muzzleloader)


The End

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