Early Morning Sighting

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A night not too long ago, I decided I should sleep on our trampoline outside, inside our house was hot, we didn’t have any AC unit. So I went to sleep outside and there was a nice breeze with a wondrous moonlight. I fell asleep quickly around 10pm, having thought it might be a quiet night until around 3am I was awoke to sounds of like roaring and yelling.

I had heard this sounds before but I digress, because I live on a reservation in San Carlos Arizona, alot of drunks.

I naturally assumed it might have drunks until I then heard this ungodly cry, my eyes widen, my heart felt as if it had stopped beating for a second, I arose with excitement and Immediately ran inside to get my shoes and grab a flashlight.

I ran back outside and still continued to hear the sounds, the sound was maybe a good 3 miles from my house, so I hopped on my bike and set out to investigate this sound. I had to follow the backroads that lined up with the train tracks, as I got closer and closer to the sounds, I also had began hearing dogs barking, keep in mind that there are also wild dogs out here as well, and they hunt in packs.

Anyways, I hadn’t notice also my two dogs were following me as well, we continued heading towards the sound.

The bike ride maybe took 20 minutes to get within closer range of 500 yards of the sound, then and there I had to ditch the bike because of the soft terrain. I started walking with my flashlight ready to spot this thing, I could hear footsteps that were so loud and heavy, and it also seemed as if it was running through soft sands as you could hear it’s feet but through the sand.

I continued, trying to catch up with it, but whatever it was, was too simultaneously, and unrealisticly fast, I didn’t know if I would see this thing.

Eventually, I had to call it, it was almost 4am and I was 5 miles in the middle of nowhere at this point. I started walking back and came onto the train tracks when I heard the that ungodly cry again, I looked up to see this creature walking onto the train tracks as well, crossing it, it was maybe a good 200 yards from me. With the moonlight being out, I saw this thing somewhat clearly, it was estimated about almost 8 feet tall, had dark brown fur, and it’s eyes, I’ll never forget it’s eyes.

Glowing like almost a yellowish red, and then I smelled it’s stench, which reeked by the way, and my dogs that were beside me started whimpering, and they bolted from me back home. This thing, this what I’m guessing to be a bigfoot, had looked at me for a couple more seconds and then left, I was frozen with fear and yet also with excitement.

I should have ran home afterwards but I pressed on after it, I needed to see more this creature, but little did I know I’d get what I wanted.

Now the time was 4:16am and the sun’s light began to slowly show over the mountains, I kept going and going til soon I had lost sight of the creature, I looked and looked. It was like he just vanished into thin air, I was puzzled, thinking where could he have gone. Then I heard movement behind, rapidly approaching, I turned quickly to see thing thing running up to me, and I dodged it, jumping out of the way, and this time, there wasn’t just one bigfoot, but three. I had thought to myself then, “is this how it ends, is this how I die..?”

They slowly came closing in on me getting closer, I backed my up against a tree, knowing even if I had tried to fight for my life that these creatures could immediately end it. So I prepared myself anyways, grabbing a large branch ready to defend myself with all my might, one creature let out this bloodcurdling scream, the kind of the scream that lets you know, you’re about to get eaten. I was so scared and yet so just amazed to know I had seen bigfoot, but not just one, 3 at once.

Just as they were about to go for the kill, the wild dogs appeared and began attacking the creatures, there I saw my escape and didn’t hesitate, I quickly threw the giant branch at one of the creatures and ran like a bat out of hell.

I could hear the wild dogs barking and the creatures roaring, I kept running and running thinking how the hell did I survive that? I soon got to my bike and just as I was about to pedal off, I had seen a massive stone being hurdled towards me, I jumped out of the way and the stone had hit my bike, busting off one of the wheels.

Back to square one again, the creatures had ditched the dogs and followed me instead, I ran and ran til I came upon the train tracks again, there I saw the bridge and awaited on the bridge, they could not for some reason walk into the bridge. I was wondering why, I stayed there til the sun rose eventually, and they soon departed and retreated back to where I had assumed may have been the mines.

This experience was the foremost terrifying and exciting experience of my entire life, to see 3 bigfoots at once and to live to tell the tale.

I went back for my bike, and when I went back, I saw that the bigfoot had left the dead carcass of one of the wild dogs. My heart froze, not with fear, but with anger and sadness, whether these dog’s intentions were to save me or to try and take one of these bigfoots down, I did not know.

But I looked the time to dig a hole for this dog, for if it wasn’t for those wild dogs, I’d be bigfoot crap right now, and I buried the dog.

I grabbed my bike and carried it home, and I was expecting to at least hear the sound of the roaring and yelling one more time, I paused for a second. Nothing, I felt let down, and I walked only 5 feet, then I hear that last faint ungodly scream. I smiled, having the intention of returning again, but this time, to make the bigfoots fear me, whether it’s possible or not, I will try.

Until then, I’ll be listening out for them, and I’ll be ready next time.

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