my drive from south florida to ohio

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I’m a marine I just recently got back from japan as I am being reassigned for recruiting duty. so upon my arrival back stateside I find out I have to go to my next station early nothing like hearing bad news right well anyways I live in the Orlando-Tampa area and I have a long drive ahead of me to reach my destination. well I have been on the road all day going up I95 north when I merged into I77 north by the time I’m driving into charlotte North Carolina it was getting dark fast and I’m exhausted

I was thinking about pulling over for a little shut eye when out of nowhere bizarrely skinny pale creature darts across the interstate in front of my vehicle which causes me to hit the brakes and pull off on the side of the road, I have read all kinds of things about skinwalkers and the rake and listened to many other true creepy stories on youtube before but never in my day did I thinkIi would see this horrible beast cross my path.

well I got out of my car and watched this thing dart into the woods on the other side of the interstate the most chilling part was when it stopped on the other side and looked back in my direction and let out this ear piercing  scream or howl

I don’t really care which to my astonishment was meet with a reply on my side of the interstate and connecting woods wasting no time I got back into my car and booked it out of there I’m currently sitting in a hotel room at the super 8 about 12 miles from where I had the encounter if there is one thing I can leave you with is this my time in Afghanistan was less frightening than the sound this creature was able Emmit

to the creature i hope not to see again I will speed up next time.

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I get the gist of how scary your encounter was but reading this was torture! Come on, you’re a Marine! Anyways, thank you for sharing but more so, thank you for your unconditional service. I will always be grateful!