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My family and I listen to your channel most days, although I have never seen any Dogman I have heard noises out in the woods. I never really took into consideration that such a monster could be real, I had always denied it to myself but I found the stories interesting. I wasn’t a believer until now of course, this event didn’t occur while I was awake.

I am not one to have nightmares but, last night I had the nightmare of my life. You may disregard this but to me it was very real.

I was at a bus stop waiting for the bus to get me, it was very dark outside and there was no light so I had turned on my phone flashlight hoping I wouldn’t be passed up by the bus.

I waited a good ten minutes before I saw the bus, I then began waving my light so the driver would see me but they did not. I got passed up, knowing that my house was about a mile or two down the road I took off my sandals and started to run down the road. As I was running I heard this screaming howl, it didn’t sound like any wolf I had ever heard. The noise was so familiar as I noticed I had heard it in real life before.

My heart started beating faster than it ever had before, I was running with tears down my face but I had no intentions of stopping. The road I was running down was lined with thick trees on each side, my panicking anxiety made it seem like the trees were closing in on me but I knew they weren’t.

The screaming howl was getting so close to me, I wasn’t sure if I was running to it or if I was being chased by something. Once I had reached the house it looked like nobody was home, my parents don’t keep the front door unlocked so I ran around back but I couldn’t get in the back door.

My heart was racing, this wolf that I’ve seen in other dreams came up to me and started licking my hands and it stayed by my side while I ran to the front of the house again.

It seemed to be comforting me as it does in my other dreams. I got the front door open and ran into the living room to find my family eating, I had told my dad and mom about the noise I heard and how it got louder and louder. My dad told me to go outside to make sure nothing was out there and I listened, when I had went to check the wolf was gone.

I stood on the front porch looking into the dark, I saw what looked like a person walking towards the house and as they got closer I realized it wasn’t human at all. This thing had very long tall thick legs and very long arms that hung down to its knees. I realized it’s shoulders were hunched over and it got faster and closer, I quickly ran inside not daring to take a longer look.

I told my dad what I had saw, I was so scared I tried to lock the doors and windows trying to protect my siblings and parents but nothing would budge.

I sat down by my mom and got close to her side, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

As she was trying to comfort me we heard scratching up against the house, it sounded like it was coming from the back end of the house. When I stood up to look out the window behind my dad I saw two Dogmen walking around the house, and then I heard steps behind my mom and I so I turned to the other window and saw another Dogman.

I realized we were surrounded and I felt like it was going to be the last night we would have together.

I kept yelling at myself saying “Wake up, wake up!” But nothing happened, the scratches got louder. I thought I had woken up when I saw my wall and I had turned but when I looked out my bedroom window it was pitch black, I couldn’t see anything. Then my eyes popped open and I had actually awoken from the horrid nightmare.

I immediately ran into the living room not even giving myself time to think about what nightmare I had just awoken from. I sat on the couch while my mother and brother were talking in the kitchen and I started crying, my mom knew something was wrong and came and sat by me stroking my hair. She kept asking me what happened and then I told her about what I had dreamed of.

It has bothered me since it’s happened and I had finally gotten the guts to look up if there were sightings near me. In the early winter or late spring my family and I are supposed to be moving to Rogers, Arkansas. When I had looked at the nearest sightings I had found that there was one in Benton County which is where Rogers is located.

My dad is hoping to get a house off the lake in a secluded area, my belief is that this was just preparation for what we will see when we move. It felt so real to me, maybe it was.

I am definitely aware that Dogman is real and I will have my guard up.

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