Dogman vs game warden

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I’d like to tell you my cryptid story but I’d like to start by apologizing for any spelling or grammar error due to it being 4 in the morning as I’m writing this.
I’m a 30 year old Marne corps vet and i currently work for a job that has me going out into the woods with a firearm to keep the law and peace for the wildlife. My parter is a 5 year old Belgium malinois named Phoenix. I also have my friend who I works with and was in the marines who we will call named David. Oh also on a side note David is also my brother-in-law.

Anyway one night dispatch tells me I’m being requested for a missing person and to hurry over so i tell them ok and head my way over to the area I’m needed. As I pull up David and one of my other coworkers who we will call Mike are getting the Ar 15 ready. I get out and David walks up and says it’s pretty serious you better go talk to the person family before I talk to him I tell him ok and walk to the house where the family lets me in. The father tells me him and his 8 year old son where squirrel hunting and when he turns around to use the bathroom he hears his son screaming and being carried away by someone really big and hair. At first I didn’t know what to think and I tell my partners I’m calling bs on this story, but they tell me they already have been in looking for the kid and are scared he’s been killed by a bear. Even tho bears are not common they are not unheard of were we are from. I say ok and get phoenix all ready to go and we head out into the woods.

At first he wasn’t getting anything and then all of a sudden he starts crying and moving back and forth. Then the crying turns into growling and he backs up to me and starts to bark. I tell him to calm down and for the most part he does but the I hear “we got somethin big” from mike I look up and about 10 yards in front of us this little boy runs out with his clothes and ripped up and bleeding. I grab him and take a look at him and other than him crying and a few cuts he looked to be ok. I look at mike laughing and say “yeahhh he’s really big” I then look back at the kid and he is pointing in the same direction as he ran out of and hear him say under his breath “they are coming” I look at him and ask and say “who” I then hear my dog start to bark again and David scream “holy shit”. i look up and see this big wolf thing that looks like it belongs in game of thrones or something maybe 7 yards away looking at me growling. my dog who then lunges for this thing but I pull on his leash and scream no and we slowly back up. When we back up this thing stands on two legs and starts to walk away from us. We didn’t know what to do other than run.

We get back to the house and we do the normal stuff you would expect. a while latter as we finish up. mike and David said they are leaving the area and heading home i give them the ok and they head out as I am talking to the father i him what does he think we saw and he goes on to tell me he doesn’t know if they are werewolves or skin-walkers but they have been there long before they lived on the property. I talk to him a little longer and then head out.

As I’m driving down the road I noticed this thing stands in the middle of the road i think it’s just a drunk guy but as I get closer I notice this isn’t a human. It’s the same thing me and my partners saw in the woods with the little boy. I come to a complete stop and I make eye contact with this thing. At this point I’m not scared just curious so I do something stupid and start to open my door when all of a sudden my dog starts going nuts and I look to my right and see the exact same thing standing in front of me. I then look to my left out and see a other one. I think to myself oh shit I’m gonna be killed but that’s when this thing just walks off the side of the road and leaves. Confused i head home and take a nice long vacation.

I never talked about that day until one day me and David are out shooting clay pigeons and I ask him what he thinks he we saw. He looks at me and tells me that family moved days after that happened and no one has bought the property due to rumors of big dogs running around. I ask if he believes in that type of stuff he says “I’ve seen a lot of messed up things in my life but that’s by far the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen and I don’t ever want to talk about it ever again”.

It makes me wonder what’s really out there in the woods.

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