Dogman knows where I live now

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Being a Native American with the Seminole tribe I am also the shaman/medicine woman. People always just assume that all I do is herbal medicine to help my people. At which I do. But there’s other things I also that our people doesn’t talk about much outside our tribe. I deal with evil enities, demons and also dogmen. Dogmen have been around for centuries. They are dangerous and unpredictable.

I received a call from an elder of our tribe requesting my assistance to aid a family who was being harassed by one.

I gathered my bag on a Thursday evening and arrived at their home at which I had requested for no one to be there. The first thing I did was retrieve a bucket full of salt and ground up dog wood bark mixed together and proceeded to pour a line around the edges of their property. It holds the dogman at bay. Our tribe has handed down the rituals from shaman to shaman.

I walked through the house after opening up all windows and doors so the casting of protection would flow everywhere. I started then to beat my hand held drum to a beat as I sang out the ritual. As I entered the kitchen I heard a high pitch howl that sounded like something was in pain. I eased my way out and started scanning the edge of the back yard.

The woods were thick and the sun setting made it look even sinister. Then I caught movement to my right.

The dogman was standing by an oak tree with one paw around it. It was about 6-7 feet tall, standing on two feet that looked like a beef up German shepherd’s legs. The torso built like a hairy man’s chest and stomach. The fur was alittle black, Brown with a touch of white here and there. The arm muscles were built up like a weight lifters. But the head was the most pronounced. Exactly like a wolf’s head with pointed ears about 6-8 inches tall and pointed.

The eyes were jet black.

But the teeth with the two big white fangs seemed to glow. I kept doing the ritual knowing not to stop or it would become very dangerous. It would walk back and forth snarling, growling, howling as I kept up the beat. I kept beating the drum with fury. Never taking my eyes off of it. It never crossed the line of salt on the ground but it seemed trying to figure out on how to stop me. I kept playing. Finally it gave out one low to louder howl and swatting at a tree branch before turning and fleeing away.

I kept playing and doing the ritual for another five minutes. I heard it only once more before I left. Next day I informed the elder the ritual was complete and the family could go home.

They haven’t had anymore problems. The elder told me to be careful that now that dogman knows me. Two days later as I exited my house I noticed a paw print on my outside window of my home. I stepped closer to examine it. The window is 3 1/2 feet up from the ground. It shows a paw print bigger/wider than my hand.

But what got me was….it also shows it’s claw print on all individual finger joints.

Nothing not even can leave a fingernail print. I called a friend who’s a game warden. He came and studied it. As head wiped his face thinking he finally said that it wasn’t a bobcat, nor panther or bear. He said if it was a bear or whatever it would of to have jumped up and put its back left hind leg onto the window pane. And that was impossible. He left saying in all the 20 years of his service he has never seen a print like that. He also took some photos to show others. So did I. I called the elder, he came and examined it and said it was the dogman. He is here to watch me he said. I make him nervous by my powers. Told me to be very careful when coming out at night.

Next day I protected my home and the edge of my land. But the other evening I could of sworn as I sat on my back porch just for a minute I heard off into the woods a low howl as saying I’m still here and watching you. It knows where I live now…..Sharon Ingram

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