Dogman in oklahoma

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Well. to start off i come from a very southern background my grndpa and dad raised me in the woods. basically mu whole life hunting fishing how to survive and everything loved it .and was very good shot my grandad taught me how to shoot . and would ofter take me out as i got. Got older my skills improved and grandad past away .
I always new about our native heritage growing up so i knew about the dogmam skinwalkers shaman man etc. But what i saw in the woods that day forever haughts me .fastforward 10 yeara i go to my cousins house to go see what he is up to we decided after smoking tommrow moring him and me go hog hunting
i said yeah been awhile since bessie and juilen my ar15 custom and 380 compact my babies basically. been out since ive had no time in the woods since ive been talking to hailey so we where gonna head out tommrow morning. So i start packing taking lots of ammo and hollow rounds. Extra snacks water my gps tracker for my hog dogs amd get my two best pitbulls king was a 100 pound black pitbull short stocky all muscel while red was a tall rednose pit .they where both breed for hog hunting taking em down so i get to my cousins about 3.30-4.00 we get out oj his property in. The back is about 80 acres and we start out in the back get the dogs loaded off trackers. on them guns loaded vest on on his back property there is this treeline as we where kids we always felt we where being watched because from the back. of the house to that treelime is about 300ft but the windows where in the back to thw kids room where we would stay when we came over so we head that way get. into the woods let the dogs loose and they hit immedialty we are running king quit barking it was dead silent we look to the left where his gps tracker
was he was dead with other dog out there i was frantic to find him but i stoped and looked at the tracks beside king to big to be a puma but where dog like. And kind was tore in half .all of the sudden we hear rustling not even 50 yards in front of us my other dogs head was thrown at us. From the shadow emerged. this big black wolf like creature my mind screamed werewolf i drew my gun said i will kill you it made the most god afwul roar it shook the. very fiber of my being then my cousin shot it and i unfoze followed suit shooting it ik we hit it at least once i had to reload it just stood up as to you cant hurt me i. Feel down my cousin said we gotta go we started to turn and run when there about 50 yards out of that treeline when it came to the edge roared and me and my cousin left went into .tue house locked all the doors and sat there for hours taking shifts on the house but as long as i live i will never go back to that awful place turns out it was burried evil shaman man that dies out there guess his spirit did not cross over so it manifest as the dogman seeking vengence. on whoever comes into his woods believe my story or dont but i was there. Me and my cousin dont talk now but thats
the one thing we always bring up is the woods behinde his old house

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