Dogman in my coastal town

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These are my three true encounters with what I believe was the Dogman. I live in a small, coastal town in Canada. I was between 16 and 18 for all of these and they took place between 2o10 and 2014. (I apologize now if it’s not spaced correctly. I will try and sort it best I can.)

Encounter 1: This was within the first week or so of September of 2010 and I, like thousands of others, had gone back for yet another new year of school. “Yay”. I didn’t really enjoy school much anymore since someone easily twice my size took it upon himself to bully me damn near daily. (And the school, as one might expect, did nothing.) But, what choice did I have but to return? I had been sent to a nearby shop to get some sandwich supplies to last the week until my parents went shopping that weekend. I didn’t mind it as the shop is less than 15 minutes away and I’d get a soda out of it.

As I walked, I noticed the streets which were usually filled with children and dogs were dead silent. I shrugged, figuring everyone was trying to adjust to the new school year and had gone inside and walked their dogs already and made it into the store, grabbing what I was sent out for and a soda for myself. The woman working that night chatted me up and though I knew her, my anxiety from starting school again made chatting with anybody the last thing I wanted to do. So, I found an excuse to cut it short and left for home.

Now; let me try and explain the layout here. I could either go straight up the road to get home or take two different roads that pretty well lead to the same spot only 5 minutes apart. The two roads are on either side of a now cleared and cut field. But, at the time, it was thickly overgrown and served as shelter for stray animals, rodents, birds and as a hiding spot for kids who smoked. I always walked straight when alone because that way is better lit thanks to the houses.

I began walking home, cursing the fact that the area of the field itself was poorly lit; having only a dim-usually kaput street light on either side and that the road had potholes large and deep enough to wreck cars if hit at the right (or wrong) speed/angle. So, I walked half carefully as I decided to walk on the actual street and not the side to avoid the larger of the holes and suddenly, there was movement in the field next to me and I turned, expecting the usual cat or something; it was breeding season still so seeing a cat hunting or carrying kittens was expected.

Instead, I saw a head roughly the size of a grizzly, maybe larger, with thick, black as the bottom of the ocean fur, large, pointy ears, a long snout with giant teeth against pitch black gums.

I don’t remember running home. I remember blinking and the next thing I knew, I was throwing myself into my house, slamming and locking the door behind me. I told my parents I had seen a giant black dog and it had charged me. My folks were surprised as anybody who knows me knows that I’d be the one to befriend wild animals if I had the chance and feared no canines. My mom assured me that it was likely a stray and it just wanted the meat I had bought. So, I did what anybody would do; believed it.

Encounter 2: This was just after the new year that same school year. So, early January 2011. I had decided to go for a walk around 830 or 9. I wasn’t usually allowed out that late but, seeing as it was Christmas break, my folks agreed as long as I was careful about watching the roads for drunk drivers and whatnot. You know, the usual parent things.

I had totally forgotten about what had happened way back in fall and had resumed walking those streets all hours of the day and night. The only issue I had was that it was so cold that my I-pod froze. Literally. I grumbled and placed it into my coat to heat it up and hopefully get it playing again.

I decided to go to the store to spend a little of the money I had gotten before heading home; the I-pod had been in my coat for about 15 minutes and still wasn’t responding and I don’t like walking or doing anything without music playing. So, I’m walking fairly slowly as the road is on a slight downward slope and was coated in layers of ice, slush, and wet snow. As per usual, the street lights were out so, I was relying on the lights from the houses or from passing cars.

It was only when I realized that I could hear cars coming and going from a distance that I noticed how…dead the night was. Holiday season or not, it’s NEVER quiet in my town at ANY time. And, the area around the store is usually hectic at all hours. It was at that moment I saw someone standing under one of the very dim street lights, back to me, in all black.

It was too dark to make out anything other than the vague outline which looked like a tall, bulky man. I thought he could of been wearing layers to keep out the cold. But all black? A drunk, perhaps? Either way, I immediately got the creeps and was going to just back up the way I came until I got to the nearest working street light and then hurry home.

It was at that moment that my I-pod roared to life and began blasting music at full volume and the loudest song. Just my luck, huh? I looked again at the person and felt my blood turn cold.

The “man” had turned his head slightly, showing that he had a long snout and suddenly, a large, pointy ear unfolds and perks up. I don’t remember much other than I yelped and bolted home, not slipping out of sheer dumb luck and by the grace of God.

I didn’t say much to my parents other than a “weird man in all black” hanging out around the store. I knew at that point that it was probably a Dogman but I had nobody to tell and no idea how or if I could kill it. Sure, if my dad saw it, he’d grab his shotgun used for hunting and he’d blast this thing to hell. And, my dad believes in these things but I doubt he’d believe I’d seen something like that here. I mean, I was sure it might of chased me some but never really tried to get me. And, I’ve never found any proof. Either way, I never left the house again until school resumed.

Encounter 3: By the spring of 2014, I had totally forgotten about anything that had happened. It wasn’t even in the back of my mind at that point. I had resumed my walks as by then, I was an adult and didn’t have a curfew anymore. And, to help cut down on stray animals being run over, the town clear cut that overgrown patch of land and I think sold it or rented it to a nearby business. But, I’m not sure. Anyway, I had taken to walking all the streets in that area as it was uphill and various family friends lived throughout.

I had also gotten into the habit of stopping to pet the wandering cats, be they stray or otherwise. I’m an animal lover, obviously. This night was one of those nights and I was kneeling on the ground, surrounded by cats, petting them as much as I could. Nothing felt like it was “off” and it felt like a normal night.

But, when a particularly tough, battle-scarred cat that didn’t shy away from anything or one suddenly yowled and bolted like it was on fire, I jumped to my feet, sending the rest of the cats running.

I looked around for anything that could have scared the cat. I was thinking that someone had blasted one of those high frequency sounds only cats can hear and sent him running. He had been in the middle of the road and closer to the houses than the others. Then, sitting just out of the light of a back porch, I saw a large, shaggy black and gray dog. It looked like a wolf hound crossed with a malamute type dog. I stared at it, not totally scared but not all too comfortable either.

Like I said before, I’d befriend wild animals if I could. In fact, I’m looking into legally owning wolves, coyotes and dingos someday. I didn’t recognize this dog but figured it was a new resident, rescue or, since it was around Easter, someone visiting.

I watched as it started slowly and awkwardly coming towards me. It was a stiff movement; like it was difficult. Not surprising as it looked like an elderly dog that might have arthritis.

However, that idea went right out the window when it came into the light of the house and I realized that it had HANDS and was CRAWLING LIKE A PERSON. I noped the F out and bolted home. My grandmother could of been running behind me and I wouldn’t have stopped or slowed down. I looked behind me and saw nothing. My only regret was that I didn’t think to warn the family friends whose houses I ran by. They have kids and pets; likely why this thing stuck around; one of these people runs a mini farm so this thing has a food source.

I’ve never seen it since and I hope it stays that way. A friend of mine wants to use me as bait to lure it back so he can see it for himself but I refuse.

I never go out at night; not even into my own yard. All this thing would have had to do to get from where I saw it to my yard was jump a couple fences and walk through a field. There’s next to no lighting and plenty of space for it to hide.

Hope you enjoy reading this! And merry Christmas!

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