Dogman in Georgia

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I live in the sothern portion of Georgia in the coastal plains and have grown up around paranormal phenomena. I have always believed that there are things in this world including dogmen however I always just assumed that it would never happen around my area. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The first encounter happened when I was 15. My older brother and I liked to walk the dirt road at night just to get scared to feel a rush if you want to call it that. To give you an Idea of the land we start at the end of our drive way of which ends at a red clay dirt road and directly across is thick woods. If you turn right there are a line of homes on the right side for 300 yards and woods on the left. If you turn left there is a 14 foot cliff on either side of the road for 300 yards and another 250 yards beyond that is a bridge resting over a creek. We start our walk beginning at the ebd of the driveway and we turn left and walk to the bridge were we hang out for about ten minutes. There was alot of wildlife moving about. Frogs, crickets and the usual critters you get around here. We then decided to walk back however the moment we stepped off of the bridge and onto the wet clay of the dirt road I immediately felt eyes on me. I turned to look at my brother who was looking just as spooked as I was. We decided to keep walking. Before you reach the cliffs there is another driveway that cuts through to the back of the of the house.
We were about 15 foot away from that drive when the feeling of being watched intensified tremendously. It was at that moment we noticed that everything had suddenly gone dead silent as if a switch were turned off. We watched down the road and noticed two large peircing yellow eyes staring right at us. We were frozen. My brother kept a 45. Kimber handgun when we walked. He fired a shot in this things direction at which point the eyes floated back into the brush. Only a few seconds later we heard a loud rustling sound then saw this huge silhouette jump from one cliff to the other across the road. My brother and I were dumbfounded as that jump is more that 35 feet across. We had to get out of there we ran down the driveway and locked every window and door once inside the house.
The second encounter happened a year later and I had recently gotten my license and my first truck, a 1994 Nissan Pickup truck. I was driving down the road from my girlfriend’s around ten thirty that night and there was no moon in the sky. It was black as coal outside. As I traveled down the road I noticed a large black bulk on the edge of the road. I slowed to thirty miles per hour to inspect what this thing was and to possibly move it from the road to prevent an accident. Once I was only about ten feet from the thing, it suddenly turned and bolted into the woods at an ungodly speed. It couldn’t even see any more than a black burr of jet black fur. I stopped the vehicle to collect myself thinking “we don’t have bears in this portion of Georgia. That can’t be a bear. They don’t move that fast.”
I continued my drive home in confusion. I couldn’t comprehend what I had seen. After 15 minutes of driving I nearly pushed it out of my mind when I felt the sudden feeling of being watched just like the feeling from a year ago. I traveled one quarter of a mile before it went from feeling watched to feeling chased. At that same moment I felt the truck jerk as if a deer ran into the rear passenger side only alot harder. Following the collision of whatever was ther wear scratching then what felt like something jumping into the bed of the truck. I was panicking. I floored it. Bad Idea. What ever it was let out a deep, guttural growl and began scratching and clawing at the backglass of the truck. I thought this was going to be it. This is where I die.
I was nearing a sharp turn that then leaves a mile and half to my house. I took the curve as fast as I could when the thing jumped out. I thought” It left? Just get home and get inside where you aren’t alone.” Then I heard an ear piercing howl to the right of the truck and what I saw took my breath away. Running 60 miles per hour next to me was this huge dog like thing. It was running all fours and nearly as tall as the truck. It just kept running next to me while keeping eye contact with peircing, yellow eyes like burning coals.
As I neared my driveway I lost sight of the creature. My parents were outside on the pourch to feed our two cats and German Shepherd. When I pulled in and walked past to get inside they stopped me and asked”whats wrong?”. It was clearly visible that something happened. I just told them I saw a panther or something and went to my room and locked the door. Later that night I couldn’t sleeping and I thought I heard something outside. I got up looked out my window of which is 25 ft up. In my yard next to my truck was the thing I saw earlier chasing me. It was stiffing the truck as if searching for me. I gasped. It then perked up and rose up on two legs and looked right at me. I could now get a better look at it. It had legs like a wolf and the body of a bodybuilder with human shaped hands. It was covered in thick black fur with a head like a wolf and huge teeth snarling from its maw.
I layed in my bed and waited for morning listening to this thing outside. Listening to it growl, howl, and throw stuff around underneath my window.
When daylight finally came my dad came into my room and asked me to come outside where he asked what happened to the truck. There was a huge dent in the side and scratches all over the side of the truck, in the bed and on the backglass. I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t want to sound like a lunatic so I just said”A tree fell over and landed on the back”. My dad went along with it and didn’t question it despite how stupid it sounded.
Just because you don’t hear about things happening in your area, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be the first or one of the ones that didn’t make it to tell the tale.

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